AAA Fusion - AAA Fusión

AAA Fusion was a television program of professional wrestling produced by Asistencia Asesoría y Administración (AAA) released on October of October of 2012 and finalized the 31 of July of 2013 . AAA Fusion was passed on the Wednesday at 8:00 pm ( UTC-6 ) by TVC Deportes .Home in late October 2012 and was completed in summer of 2013. [ 1 ]


In September of 2012 the beginning of a new era for announced Assistance Advisory and Administration , which revealed the creation of a new television show called "AAA Fusion". This new concept of wrestling would be broadcast through TVC Deportes . AAA Fusión deals with luchistic performances recorded every two weeks on a Sunday and broadcast the following Wednesday according to the recording of it. [ 2 ]

The 31 of July of 2013 , after 30 episodes, aired the last episode of AAA Fusion. It was not stated whether a second season recording would begin, although the AAA Fusion Championship continued to be regularly defended at AAA events.


  • Bernardo Guzman
  • Jose Manuel Guillén

First Function

The first function of AAA Fusion was held on 30 of September of 2012 from the Sala de Armas Mixhuca Magdalena in Mexico, Federal District . It was broadcast on television on October 10 , 2012 . [ 3 ]


  • Dark Match : Dynasty, Mascarita Dorada & Octagoncito defeated Mini Charly Manson, Mini Histeria & Mini Psycho Clown
  • The Foreign Legion (Jennifer Blake & Sexy Star) & Sexy Lady defeated Cynthia Moreno, Faby Apache & Lolita (11:34)
    • Sexy Star forced Cynthia Moreno to give up on "La Cavernaria".
  • Los Inferno Rockers (Devil Rocker, Machine Rocker, Soul Rocker & Uro Rocker) derrotaron a Aero Star, Drago, Fénix & Samuray Del Sol (06:03)
    • The Inferno Rockers covered their rivals after a "Plancha" of Uro Rocker on the 4 technicians.
  • Cibernético , Cuervo & El Mesías defeated Los Perros del Mal ( Daga , El Hijo del Perro Aguayo & Halloween ) by disqualification (19:41)
    • The Perros del Mal were disqualified after the intervention of El Texano, Jr. to attack El Mesías.
  • The Council (El Texano, Jr. & Silver Caín ) defeated Dr. Wagner, Jr. & LA Park by disqualification (17:28)
    • Dr. Wagner, Jr. and LA Park were disqualified after El Mesías intervened to attack El Texano, Jr.

AAA Fusion Championship

The 26 of October of 2012 during the launch of the promotional poster of the third event of AAA Fusion to be held in the Arena Neza, the third bout of the event included an elimination fight to run for the Championship AAA Fusion . The 4 fighters chosen to participate in said combat were Dark Dragon, Drago, Fénix and Toscano. [ 4 ]

Championship tournament

First round

Drago eliminated Toscano with "La Cerrajera" (11:52)
Dark Dragon eliminated Drago with a "Modified Michinoku Driver II" (22:30)
Fénix eliminated Dark Dragon with a "Poisoned Frankensteiner" (24:44)
Winner: Fénix (24:44)
Joe Líder eliminated Psychosis with a "Lider Storm Driver" (07:48)
Joe Líder eliminated Jack Evans with a "Plancha" (09:56)
Daga eliminated Joe Líder with a "Top Rope Canadian Destroyer" (16:02)
Winner: Dagger (16:02)
Warrior Youth eliminated Last Gladiator
Pentagón, Jr. eliminated Aero Star
Juventud Guerrera eliminated Pentagón, Jr.
Winner: Warrior Youth
Halloween eliminated Super Fly with "La Lanza" (06:46)
Crazy Boy eliminó a Halloween con un "Jumping Reverse STO" (07:32)
Crazy Boy eliminated Angelico with a "Diving DDT" (13:08)
Winner: Crazy Boy (13:08)

Second round

Dagger eliminated Crazy Boy
Dagger eliminated Warrior Youth
Phoenix eliminated Daga
Winner: Phoenix

Champion List

The current and first champion Fénix has 5 defenses of this championship and currently, this fighter is champion of the border company: The Crash, the same belt that he wore along with that of "AAA Fusión" in "Triplemania XXI"

Fighter: Reign N °: Defeated: Date: Show the event: Reference
Phoenix 1 Crazy Boy, Dagger & Warrior Youth March 17 , 2013 King of Kings (2013) [5]


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