A.A.A.F.F. - A.A.A.F.F.

AAAFF is a Latin abbreviation related to numismatics and is found in ancient inscriptions as part of the set III viri AAAFF which means Triunviri auro argento aeri flando feriundo (the triumvirs in charge of melting and minting the gold , silver and copper or bronze coins ) .

The initials AAAFF were very frequent in the coins of Domitian and some of Augustus that have on the obverse side two intertwined hands holding a caduceus and within the graphite the name of the Monetal Dunvir and on the back a figure equivalent to the permission of the Senate and in the graphite the names of the triumvirs or three males (III. VIR) followed by the initials that promote the explanation and the large and small ones in bronze are appreciable.

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