Aachen Cathedral Singing School - Aachener Domsingschule

Cathedral Singing School Aachen
Aachen, Domsingschule, 2011-07 CN-01.jpg
type of school primary school
School number 116191
founding 1961

Ritter-Chorus-Str. 1–4

place 52062 Aachen
Land North Rhine-Westphalia
State Germany
Coordinates 50 ° 46 ′ 31 ″ N , 6 ° 5 ′ 1 ″ O Koordinaten: 50 ° 46 ′ 31 ″ N , 6 ° 5 ′ 1 ″ O
carrier Cathedral chapter of the Diocese of Aachen
Teachers 14
management Irma Wüller
Website www.domsingschule-aachen.de
Playground in the quadrum of the cathedral cloister with the paradise fountain

The Aachen Cathedral Singing School is a private Catholic elementary school sponsored by the cathedral chapter of the Aachen diocese . The school focuses on musical and religious education. The modern building is located on Katschhof between the cathedral and town hall .


The Cathedral Choir School in the tradition of since the time of Charlemagne existing Choralschola at Aachen Cathedral. This schola in the Kaiserpfalz , founded by Alkuin , was visited by numerous sons, daughters and other relatives of Charlemagne as well as children of the noblemen of the Frankish Empire . The pupils were instructed in the arts of the quadrivium and in the Holy Scriptures , but especially in mass singing according to the specifications of the Roman schola cantorum . As long as the clergy of the cathedral church according to the rules of St. Benedict of Nursialived together monastic, this school initially counted as a convent school , in 960 it was in a seminary converted and took among medieval singing schools in Germany as an extraordinary position. The choristers also chorale or Vicarioli called, had their own clothes and wore as specified by the Council of Trent , the tonsure and a little cap or biretta . In addition to their general schooling, their life in the chorale house was strictly regulated with a meticulous agenda and they were thus used for the regular mass liturgy as well as for special occasions such asCoronation celebrations and celebrations of the Aachen Shrine Tour trained.

During the French period from 1795 to 1815, when Aachen was part of the Département de la Roer , the Choralenstift was closed in 1802, the goods and rents were confiscated by the state and the school and education house for choir students was given to the first vicar general after the establishment of the new diocese of Aachen Fonck handed over as an apartment. For more than 150 years there was no collegiate school in Aachen for church political and financial reasons.

The cathedral singing school since 1960

It was only founded in 1960 on the initiative of the prelate and cathedral music director Rudolf Pohl as a cathedral singing school in the sponsorship of the cathedral chapter, initially as a school experiment with two entry-level classes and expanded from 1969 to 1971 into a single, independent primary school . With effect from August 1, 1971, the Aachen Cathedral Chapter was given by the Ministry of Culture of North Rhine-Westphaliaofficially approved to run the Domsingschule as a private Catholic primary substitute school for boys. This marked the end of a development that began in 1959 with the construction of the new singing school building at Katschhof. Since the year 2000 the Domsingschule has been run as a full-time school and since 2008 as a two-tier primary school also accessible to girls.

The admission of new students requires a musical aptitude test. For boys and girls from the age of five, preschool courses for early musical education have been offered since 2001 in cooperation with the Aachen Music School . The expanded musical training of the school is particularly due to a later participation in the Aachen Cathedral Choirand aligned in cathedral music. In addition to the usual specialist lessons following the guidelines for primary schools of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, the focus of the Domsingschule is on music. To expand the musical talent of the students, individual instrumental lessons are offered and supported in cooperation with the city music school. In the case of musical qualifications, the students are required to participate in the Aachen Cathedral Choir and in the cathedral music at the end of their school years, usually during the fourth year of school. After their voices broke , many students find their way back into the circle of the cathedral choir.

The cathedral singing school was directed by Gerhard Dünnwald until the summer of 2010, who himself gained his first experiences as a choir singer in the boys' choir of this elementary school and after his time at the Kaiser-Karls-Gymnasium and as a lecturer at the Gregoriushaus found his way back to his musical roots. He was followed by Irma Wüller, previously deputy headmistress at GGS Schönforst in Aachen.

The cathedral choir and the Cathedral Choir School is the joint development association Friends of the Aachen Cathedral Music Association to the side [1] , the care for the students / -Innen and singer / -Innen, the purchase and maintenance of the instruments, the various promotional activities and the preparation and monitoring who is responsible for concert and holiday trips.


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