Aachen Foundation Kathy Beys - Aachener Stiftung Kathy Beys

The Aachen Foundation Kathy Beys is a foundation under private law based in Aachen . The aim of the environmental foundation is to provide society with food for thought and options for action for a future worth living in. [1]


The foundation was established in 1988 and was initially called "Mensch und Natur". Kathy Beys-Baldin (1949 - 1995), daughter of the Martini-Sommer entrepreneurial family in Aachen, laid the financial foundation for the foundation together with her husband Stephan Baldin. After the death of Kathy Beys-Baldin, the foundation was named after it and has been run by Stephan Baldin [2] ever since . Essential suggestions for the subject of resource productivity came from the former local politician Stephanie Weis-Gerhardt , who volunteered for the foundation from 1995 to 2008. Until 2016, the foundation was exclusively operational with its own projects, since 2017 as a support foundation [3]. When Stephan Baldin moved to the foundation's board of trustees, Ruth Malangré-Baldin [4] became the foundation's board member in 2019 .

Goals and Activities

The projects from 1995 to 2016 focused on the interface between economy and ecology . [5] By commissioning studies, publishing scientific argumentation papers [6] and organizing parliamentary evenings [7] , experts and the general public were informed. The foundation itself was asked to provide opinions as an expert. [8] One focus of the foundation's work was accompanying sustainable regional development.

  • Factor X settlements [9]

In pilot projects since 2011, the foundation and partners have tried a new way beyond the mere saving of heating energy [10] . In two settlements in Inden and Eschweiler, buildings were erected that save at least half of the resources compared to the KfW 55 energy standard. [11] [12] [13]

From 2010 to 2013, the foundation worked together with the Aachen City Region on a project on the future of this region. The most important instrument was the scenario technique , a communication process involving local citizens. [15] [16]

From 1999 to 2016 the foundation accompanied the process surrounding the Inden open-cast lignite mine . [18] In the “Indeland 2050” project, visions for this area were developed and published in the years 2008–2009. [19]

  • Aachen Forums [20]

Between 2000 and 2005 the foundation organized four "Aachen Forums" with well-known representatives of the sustainability discussion on the subject of resource productivity. [21]

Internet portals

In order to make the foundation's ideas accessible to a broader public, the foundation operates various information portals on the Internet:

  • The Internet portal Factor X [22] has been dealing with the subject of resource productivity and effectiveness since 2003. [23]
  • The Lexicon of Sustainability [24] was designed in 2000 and provides information on the content, developments and goals of sustainable action . [25]
  • Since May 2014, the internet platform UnserAC [26] has been bringing together citizens of the Aachen city region who are campaigning for small and large changes in their environment with their own initiatives. With the associated club cadastre, council information system from all municipalities and an event calendar, the website provides comprehensive information about all activities within the city region and encourages participation.



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