Aachen pond - Aachener Weiher

The Aachener Weiher from above
Aachener Weiher with a view of the telecommunications tower Colonius

The Aachener Weiher is an artificial lake in Cologne's inner green belt . He was at the beginning of the 1920s after the general plan of the city planner Fritz Schumacher at the instigation of the then Mayor Konrad Adenauer through the garden director Fritz Encke in the Rayon of the interior fortress ring created. Its area is almost 40,000 m² [1] .


View from Hiroshima-Nagasaki-Park in north direction to the Aachener Weiher

Towards the streets, the pond is bordered by a strip of green, sometimes more, sometimes less, and encompassed by the Frieda-Fischer-Weg (named after Frieda Fischer since 2014). The path includes a small bridge at the level of the Museum of East Asian Art, where there is a small area of ​​water that is connected to the pond.

The facility is on the left on Aachener Strasse , which has been connecting the Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium with Boulogne-sur-Mer ( Gesoriacum ) since Roman times as the so-called Via Belgica today . The pond is named after her.

To the west of the pond is the Innere Kanalstrasse , to the east are the railway tracks of the left-hand Rhine route , which curves around the inner city of Cologne .

The Hiroshima-Nagasaki-Park [2] , which has been named since 2004 and which was previously only referred to as the “green space at the Aachener Weiher”, adjoins the south side up to Bachemer Straße . After the Second World War, like many other open spaces in and around Cologne, it was turned into a hilly landscape with rubble. Before that, during the National Socialist era, the Maifeld was located here, a parade ground for around 200,000 people. (→ Neustadt-Süd (Cologne) #Aachener Strasse and Belgian Quarter )

The street Zülpicher Wall , one of the wall streets in front of the former medieval city walls , will continue as a footpath in the park.

The waters

The pond has a concrete floor to prevent water seepage. It is fed by a small inflow from the Cologne city forest, which is fed via the Lindenthal Canal . The water quality is problematic because of the shallow depth and the heavy use of the people in Cologne for their leisure time, but there is still an opportunity to fish through the Coelner fishing and water protection association. [3] Eels, perches, bream, carp, roach and pikeperch live in the pond. [4]


The park is heavily frequented and even more so the meadow area near the pond. Barbecue parties take place here in summer, which the city wants to encourage to avoid waste with barbecue scouts . [5] The city offered the opportunity to slackline by setting up appropriate pillars . The area is also used for open-air concerts . The Aachen beer garden with 900 seats has been created on the bank , the tent-covered part of which is also open in winter with 150 seats. [6] [7]


Museum of East Asian Art (museum café)

In addition to the nearby university, the Japanese Cultural Institute and the Museum of East Asian Art with its museum café and the Japanese Garden - two coordinated structures designed by Japanese architects - are well worth a visit. Across the street on the other side of the Inner Canal Street is the Italian Cultural Institute with the Petrarca House at the end of the Lindenthal Canal, which is assigned to the university .


In addition to the municipal office for green areas and the fishing club, the pond is looked after on a voluntary basis by the Cologne Green Foundation , which initiates campaigns for the renovation of Cologne's many green spaces and is looking for sponsors . [8th]

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