Aachen Christmas liver sausage - Aachener Weihnachts-Leberwurst

Aachen Christmas liver sausage

The Aachener Weihnachts-Leberwurst (also: Oecher Christmas liverwurst ) is a protected seasonal specialty from Aachen .


The liver sausage consists of meat, baking , fat, liver and spices. The proportion of liver must be between 30 and 33%. The ingredients are boiled and chopped in the cutter , then the cleaned and chopped liver is added and chopped until it has a spreadable consistency. The filling takes place in natural or synthetic casings, which are then scalded. The special thing about the Aachen Christmas liver sausage is the addition of cream, a Christmas spice mixture and the time-limited production to a few months before Christmas .

The production also allows the addition of special ingredients that are adapted to the taste of the sausage, such as cranberries, nuts, honey, Printen or poppy seeds, as well as winter spices such as cardamom , anise and coriander .

Registration as a geographically protected indication

In 2012, the application for protection as a GgA was submitted and confirmed by the European Commission in 2016 . [1] Since that date, the “Aachener Weihnachtsleberwurst” may only be made by butchers based in the city.


Individual evidence

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