Aachtobel - Aachtobel

"Aachtobel" nature reserve

IUCN-Kategorie IV – Habitat/Species Management Area

Molasse outcrop in the Aachtobel
Molasse outcrop in the Aachtobel
location Frickingen , Owingen and Ueberlingen , Lake Constance district , Baden-Württemberg , Germany
area 0,2771 km²
Identifier 4.057
WDPA -ID 81248
Geographical location 47 ° 49 ′ N , 9 ° 13 ′ O
Aachtobel (Baden-Württemberg)
Sea level from 520 m to 607 m ( ø 560 m)
Setup date March 24, 1939
administration Regional council of Tübingen

The Aachtobel area is a nature reserve (NSG number 4.057) in the north of the city of Überlingen , in the north-east of the community of Owingen and in the north-west of the community, designated by ordinance of March 24, 1939 by the Baden Minister of Education and Culture (successor is the Tübingen regional council) Frickingen , all part of the Baden-Württemberg Lake Constance district in Germany . It is one of the oldest nature reserves in Germany. The Aachtobel is crossed by the Linzer Aach .


The approximately 72 hectares - including 52 hectares on Owinger, about 15 hectares on Überlinger and almost six hectares on Frickinger municipality - Aachtobel nature reserve belongs to the Lake Constance basin and the Upper Swabian hill country . It is located about 400 meters east of the Hohenbodman district of Owingen at an altitude of 520 to 607 m above sea level. NN .


Since the last Ice Age 25,000 years ago, the Linzer Aach has cut almost 120 meters deep into the soft molasse sandstone of the upper Linzgau over a length of around two kilometers .

Purpose of protection

The main protection purpose is the preservation and upgrading of the deeply cut gorge in the Überlinger Molasse area with steep rock faces and several lateral spring taverns. Special protection is given to the gray alder forest, the ravine forest on the slopes and the alpine plant species that occur.

Flora and fauna


The following species (selection) from the flora worthy of protection are to be named:


The following species (selection) from the fauna worthy of protection are to be named:

Pilgrimage chapel

" Maria im Stein " chapel

The place of pilgrimage Maria im Stein , located on the southern edge of the gorge, contains many interesting votive tablets and invites you to rest and reflect. A blackboard reads:

Alberto v. Bodmann. After a happy escape from Turkish captivity, he built a church here in this place, where he saw his home castle for the first time, true to his vow to the Mother of God and died in 1217.

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