AAE Ahaus Alstätter Eisenbahn - AAE Ahaus Alstätter Eisenbahn

AAE Ahaus Alstätter Eisenbahn AG

legal form Aktiengesellschaft
founding 1989
Seat Baar (Switzerland)
management Andreas Goer † ( Chairman of the Board of Directors ) [1]
Mark Stevenson ( CFO )
Number of employees 110
Branch Rail vehicle leasing company
Website (formerly) www.aae.ch (formerly)

AAE Ahaus Alstätter Eisenbahn AG , based in Baar (Switzerland), was one of the largest privately owned freight wagon rental companies in Europe with 30,000 freight wagons . [2] It has been part of VTG AG since the beginning of 2015 . [3] First of all, the wagons were given a new logo combination of the VTG logo and the AAE characters. In 2018, the integration into the VTG was largely completed, the wagons were rented out through VTG. However, the wagons still bear the keeper code AAEC. There were branches in all major European countries. Repairs and general inspectionsthe freight wagons were carried out across Europe. To organize the operative business, three companies were founded under Luxembourg law ( AAE Railcar S.à.rl , AAE RaiLease S.à rl and AAE Wagon Finance SA ). [4] The AAE is also a member of the international rail association UIC .


In February 1989 the Ahaus-Alstätter Eisenbahn GmbH (AAE) was founded by Andreas Goer with the purpose of renting out wagons; to this end, the Ahaus-Enscheder Railway concession , a 9-kilometer branch line, was taken over, which gave the company access to the railway system and thus also to all technical guidelines and contracts in European rail transport. In the summer of 1990, the management contract with the last operator was terminated and it was handed over to the Deutsche Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft (DEG), which operated the line on the Ahaus-Alstätte section until 2007 (the Dutch Alstätte-Enschede section had already been dismantled in 1971) .

In 1994, the leading US freight car rental company General American Transportation Corporation (GATX) acquired a minority stake of 37.5% in the AAE group, which at the time had a stock of 2500 wagons. After the number of wagons had increased continuously to 30,000 after 19 years, AAE bought back the GATX stake in AAE Cargo in September 2013. [5]

In 2002, AAE relocated its headquarters to Baar (Switzerland) and founded the two joint stock companies AAE Ahaus Alstätter Eisenbahn AG and AAE Ahaus Alstätter Eisenbahn Cargo AG there. [6]

On September 29, 2014 it was announced that VTG AG would take over AAE. [7] Following approval by the antitrust authorities, the acquisition, which was financed by a capital increase of 34 percent was in early January are completed in 2015. The previous main German shareholder, Andreas Goer, acquired a 25.62% stake in VTG through a share swap. [8] [3]


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