Performance - Actuación


The action is the work done by an actor or actress to depicting a character in a play , film or other. [ citation required ]

In the actor it begins from an internalization to know the principle of said character and bring it from the depths and transform it into an integrated character. The performance is described as actions done by a character within the theatrical performance . Although these actions are authentic, they should at least be charged with an intention that allows the observer to be stimulated and to receive the message in its entirety. The actor is the one who executes the action. [ citation required ]


Recent research has come to the conclusion that the first manifestations of the singing of performance arise in Greece , when rites were performed in which priests incarnated the gods to explain to the people the meaning of their teachings and orders.

The first actor of which there is written knowledge was the Greek Thespis , who performed at the Theater of Dionysus in Athens in 534 BC. C. On stage, Thespis spoke in the first person, thus interpreting a character. At that time, stories had already been told before an audience, but always in the third person and also in a sung way.

The professionalization of acting began in Europe in the 16th century , in Italy , with the first professional companies of Comedia del arte; in England , with companies protected by the nobility in the time of Queen Elizabeth (such as Lord Chamberlain's Men, Shakespeare's company , later renamed King's Men); in France , with the Comédie Française.

Until the seventeenth century, actors could only be men . It was considered in bad taste for a woman to perform on stage. Thus, in Shakespeare's time, female roles were played by men or by young boys. It was in the theaters of Venice that the change occurred that allowed women to perform theatrical performances.

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