Action group fourth party - Aktionsgemeinschaft Vierte Partei

The Action Community Fourth Party (own spelling: Action Community VIERTE PARTTEI; short: AVP ) was a right-wing conservative political party in the Federal Republic of Germany .


In the spring of 1975, the first talks took place to found a fourth party , which was planned as a right-wing conservative supplement to the three-party system ( SPD , FDP , CDU / CSU ) that existed at the time . Dietrich Bahner senior , Deutsche Union (DU), Horst Götting , Liberal-Soziale Union (LSU) and representatives of the Federal Free Germany (BFD) were involved in the talks . The aim was to participate in the 1976 federal election , which was seen as having opportunities to overcome the five percent hurdle .

The founding meeting took place on October 18, 1975 in Stuttgart with 120 participants. Dietrich Bahner was elected chairman. Kurt Meyer and Horst Götting were deputies .

However, it was not possible to achieve the desired range of participation by various groups. The Free Social Union withdrew from the project. The same applied to the Bavarian Party , which had insisted on an autonomous status within the AVP. The membership of the German Union (DU) had only partially changed to the AVP. The BFD did not join the AVP either. This turned out to be particularly obstructive, since the BFD had done well in the House of Representatives elections in Berlin on March 2, 1975 with 3.4% and was particularly important in relation to the other participants. The Friends of the CSU outside Bavaria also participated to a much lesser extent than expected.

The Free Republican Party was absorbed into the AVP . Other new partners were the German Social People's Party and the Liberal National People's Party .


The AVP ran in seven (out of 10) federal states for the federal election on October 3, 1976 and received a total of 4,723 votes (0.0%).

On October 8, 1978, the AVP took part in the state elections in Hesse , but could only achieve 12 votes (0.0%).


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