Anastasio Gil Garcia - Anastasio Gil García

Anastasio Gil Garcia
Personal information
Birth January 11 , 1946 View and modify data on Wikidata
Spanish flag Veganzones (Segovia)
Death September 7 , 2018 View and modify data on Wikidata(72 years old)
Madrid ( Spain ) View and modify data on Wikidata
Grave Veganzones View and modify data on Wikidata
nationality Spanish
Religion Latin catholic church View and modify data on Wikidata
Educated in
Professional information
Occupation Catholic priest View and modify data on Wikidata

Anastasio Gil García ( Veganzones (Segovia) , November as January as 1946 - Madrid , 7 as September as 2018 ) [ 1 ] was a Spanish priest. Director of the Pontifical Mission Societies of Spain (OMP).


Formation and first pastoral assignments

After graduating in Theology from the University of Comillas and ordaining himself a priest (1970), he completed his studies with a diploma in Educational Psychology (1972), and a doctorate in Theology from the University of Navarra (1981). [ 2 ]

From his ordination he remained in the diocese of Segovia until 1983 when he was incardinated in the diocese of Madrid . He was a member of Opus Dei. [ 3 ] In the capital of Spain he carried out his pastoral work as chaplain and professor of religion at the Montealto College, and as a professor of Religious Pedagogy at the Faculty of Theology at the University of Navarra . [ 4 ] During that time he was appointed curate in the parish of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción ( Algete ). [ 5 ]

Catechetical work

In 1987 he was appointed delegate of Catechesis, for one of the vicariates of the Archdiocese of Madrid, located in Alcalá de Henares . There he remained until the new diocese of Alcalá de Henares was created , with himself at the head of his Episcopal Delegation of Catechesis. [ 6 ] During that time he continued with his teaching work, as professor of Theology and Didactics of Religion at the University School of Promotion of Teaching Centers, and of Catechetical Pedagogy at the San Dámaso Faculty of Theology .

Obras misional Catholics (OMP)

In 1999 he made the leap to the field of missions, when he was appointed director of the Secretariat of the Episcopal Commission for Missions and Cooperation between Churches, a position he held until 2018 [ 7 ] . From 2001 to 2011 he served as the national subdirectorate of the Pontifical Mission Societies, helping Monsignor Francisco Pérez González , director of the OMP. [ 8 ] In 2011 he was appointed national director of the pontifical institution, a position in which he was confirmed in 2016, [ 6 ]And that he played until the moment of his death. At the head of the PMS, he promoted the presence in the media of the Spanish missionaries and cleaned up their accounts. He renewed and promoted missionary animation in Spain, visiting the 69 Diocesan Delegations of Missions on several occasions. For this he had the help of various institutions and missionary services of the Spanish Catholic Church, which he knew how to bring together. [ 9 ]

He also held other positions in the Spanish Episcopal Conference , such as the deputy director of the National Secretariat of Catechesis of the Episcopal Conference (1988-1999); o the management of the New Evangelization Fund (2006-2011); and in the university world, through the Chair of Missiology at the San Dámaso Ecclesiastical University of Madrid (since 2011). He was vice president of the NGO Mission America (since 2008). [ 5 ]

He collaborated with the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples , contributing his experience to various missionary institutions.

He published numerous books and articles on catechetical, pedagogical and missionary themes. He was part of the Editorial Board of the magazine Actualidad Catequética. [ 5 ]

He passed away after battling the disease for a year on September 7. His funeral corpore insepulto was held on September 8 in the Church of Veganzones, his hometown; [ 10 ] and on September 13 at the Almudena Cathedral in Madrid presided over by Cardinal Carlos Osoro . [ 11 ]


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