Anatomía wreath - Anatomía Kranz

Diagram of the cross section of a leaf with kranz anatomy. E: epidermis , M: mesophilic ; W: vascular bundle ; BS: mestomatic sheath.

In botany , Kranz anatomy or structure refers to the arrangement of two concentric layers of mesophyll and the compacting cells of the vascular sheath around the vascular bundles in the leaves of most C 4 plants . The sheath is made up of parenchymal cells with an abundance of large chloroplasts . [ 1 ] Mesophyll cells also have chloroplasts, but they do not synthesize starch because they do not perform the Calvin cycle ; this is reserved for the chloroplasts in the sheath. [2]

The presence of this anatomy increases the internal cycling of carbon dioxide , which could result in a reduction in the sensitivity of plants to photoinhibition . [ 3 ] This is due to the fact that the layer of cells of the mesophyll, located radially in the outermost part, capture the CO 2 molecules and concentrate them by converting them into molecules of four-carbon sugars, to transfer them to the cells that compose the inner layer or the sheath. [ 4 ]

This pathway to form sugars from the mesophyll is called the Hatch Slack Pathway. In the first step, oxaloacetic acid is formed by attaching carbonic anhydride to phosphoenolpyruvate . Hence there is a transformation that differs in the result depending on the type of plant. The product passes into the cells of the sheath through the plasmodesmata and through a series of transformations the carbon dioxide is released, which enters the Calvin cycle. [ 5 ]


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