Attachment (construction machine) - Anbaugerät (Baumaschine)

Clamshell grabs are suitable for use in sewer construction.

An attachment is an additional tool for construction machinery . With the help of the attachment, a construction machine can carry out various work processes. They are available for a range of devices, such as hydraulic and dragline excavators, as well as wheel loaders and bulldozers in various construction and performance classes .

The change between the individual attachments can either be done manually or with the help of quick-change devices.


Backhoe bucket made of Hardox steel with teeth made of Esco cast material

In order to achieve the fastest and most economical way of working, a number of different attachments have been developed. A distinction is made between loading and digging tools, demolition tools, drilling and ramming tools, and lifting tools.

Loading and digging tools

Excavator attachment: ripper tooth for loosening the hardest types of rock
Excavator with four-jaw wood grapple and parked two-jaw wood grapple

These attachments are mainly used in earthworks or for material handling.

Demolition tools

Excavator attachment: concrete crusher / pulverizer

Special attachment tools are used for demolition work, which guarantee safe and rapid demolition.

  • Concrete pulveriser
  • Concrete shears
  • Demolition cutter
  • Scrap shears
  • Hydraulikhammer
  • Log splitter
  • Concrete milling machine

Drilling and piling tools

To carry out special civil engineering tasks, attachments are required which are suitable for pile driving and drilling tasks.

  • Earth auger
  • Frame berries
  • Cultivator


The lifting of loads (so-called load pick-up) is carried out by lifting tools.

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