Aníbal Regueiro - Aníbal Regueiro

Aníbal Regueiro
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Coat of arms of the Buenos Aires Province.png
Provincial Deputy
for Buenos Aires
As December November as 2013 - October as December as 2017

Coat of Arms of President Perón.png
Mayor of President Perón
As December November as 2003 - November as December as 2013
Predecessor Oscar ER Rodríguez
Successor Carina Mabel Biroulet

As December October as 2017 - October as December as 2019
Predecessor Carina Mabel Biroulet
Successor Blanca Cantero

Coat of Arms of President Perón.png
Municipal Councilor
for President Perón
As October December as 1995 - October as December as 2003

Personal information
Name in Spanish Alfonso Anibal Regueiro View and modify data on Wikidata
Birth December 2, 1954 (66 years)
nationality Argentina
Religion Catholic
Political party Front for the Victory
Citizens Free for Change, Citizen Unity
Affiliations Justicialist Party
Spouse Carina Mabel Biroulet
Professional information
Occupation Politician

Aníbal Regueiro is an Argentine politician, head of the Justicialista Party of his district was Municipal Mayor of President Perón , whose head is Guernica, in Buenos Aires , Argentina . [ 1 ] He was elected in 2003, reelected in 2007, 2011 and 2015.


His political career began with the birth of the President Perón Party , when he was elected councilor in 1995 and 1999 .

He assumed as mayor of President Perón's Party on December 10, 2003, a position he still holds, after defeating his opponents by heading the 648 list of Ciudadanos Libre para el Cambio, a neighborhood party that joined the ranks of the Frente Para la Victoria , being reelected in 2007, 2011, and 2015, accounting for four consecutive terms.

He was elected provincial deputy in 2013, a position he held until 2017. In the Chamber of Deputies he was the promoter of 52 draft laws, 36 draft Declaration and 72 draft Resolutions. Among the most important Law is the one that establishes October 14 as "Provincial Day of ACV", and 14,904 that creates the "Cultural Promotion Regime".

At the end of his term as a legislator, he was recognized by his peers for having promoted and promoted projects and laws in favor of the health of the citizens of Buenos Aires.

In 2019, the three inmates of the Frente de Todos competed for president of the Party of President Perón , he was defeated in the PASO against the massista Blanca Cantero in which she was elected on October 27 with 63% of the votes.


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