Dove anise - Anís paloma

The pigeon anise is a liquor Spanish. It is made in the town of Monforte del Cid ( Alicante ) Spain .

With it a combined-aperitif is usually made, called only Paloma , which normally consists of 3-4 / 5 parts of water and 1-2 / 5 parts of Anís Paloma (which must be Dry) is a drink that is used to Drink at aperitif time in certain cities in the area: Torrevieja , Elche , Alicante , Torrelamata , and also in some municipalities in the nearby Region of Murcia .

The recipe is as follows:

• Dried Anise-Paloma

•Agua mineral

• Ice (it is the last thing that is added so that the anise is not cut).

Glass of Paloma, named for the white color that the mixture of dry anise and water gives it.


It is obtained from the distillation of green anise ( pimpinella anisum ) or star anise, also known as badian ( illicium verum ). [ 1 ] Alcohol and natural extracts of anise or badian are added to the distillate , as well as water and sugar. [ 1 ] The product must remain at rest for a minimum of ten days before bottling. [ 1 ]

It has an alcohol content between 40% and 55% with a maximum sugar of 50 grams per liter, resulting, therefore, a relatively strong drink.

Its production is regulated by the specific denomination of Alicante spirits along with that of coffee liqueur , herbero and lavender .

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