Anchor Rock - Anchor Rock

Anchor Rock
Waters Pacific Ocean
Geographical location 54 ° 29 '13,7 " S , 158 ° 55' 55,2" O Koordinaten: 54 ° 29 '13,7 " S , 158 ° 55' 55,2" O
Anchor Rock (Pacific Ocean)
Anchor Rock
Long 70 m
width 45 m
area 0.24 ha
Highest elevation 25 m
Residents uninhabited

Anchor Rock is a rocky island off the north coast of Macquarie Island .


The coast off Macquarie Island is surrounded by rocks. About 320 meters west of the coast at North Head , the northernmost point of Iceland Macquarie on the northeast peninsula North Head Peninsula that juts out of the Anchor rock about 25 meters high from the sea, the largest of the island surrounding rocks. [1] The rock has an egg-shaped outline with a length of about 70 meters, a width of 45 meters and an area of about 2,400 square meters with the apex pointing to the north-west.

Anchor Rock is on the northern edge of Hasselborough Bay , which is also where Macquarie Station is located. Because of the numerous reefs and rocks in the bay, a place around 600 meters west-southwest of Anchor Rock with a depth of 22 meters is specified as an anchorage for ships. [2] This fact explains the origin of the name of Anchor Rock.

More than 10 kilometers further north are the Judge and Clerk Islands , which are also part of the offshore islands of Macquarie Island.

Individual evidence

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