And One (Lied) - And One (Lied)

And One
Lied von
Hybrid Theory
publication May 1, 1999
Long 4:33
Genre(s) Not Metal
Author (in) Hybrid Theory
Label MixMedia
Album Hybrid Theory (EP)

And One is a song by the American nu-metal band Hybrid Theory , which would later become Linkin Park . On May 1, 1999, it was released as part of the EP Hybrid Theory with an edition of around 1,000 as an in-house production. In 2001 this EP was re-released in a limited edition with minor changes for the Linkin Park Underground fan club. In 2008 And One appeared on the EP Songs from the Underground .


And One is the first song that together with Chester Bennington was written [1] and one of the most famous Linkin Park songs , which before the debut album Hybrid Theory were published. And One was played live for the last time on February 5, 2002. [2] The live version is different from the EP version; the live version only lasts about 2 minutes and 30 seconds, the outro is missing. [3] [4] And One is stylistically similar to some songs from the Hybrid Theory era , such as Carousel and Part of Me , which are also on the Hybrid Theory EPare included. Similarities both instrumentally and in terms of content can also be found in the songs Papercut , One Step Closer and With You .

Instrumental design

At the beginning of the song, in addition to the first few words of the text, only a single electric guitar can be heard. There are power chords played in the sequence D ♭ A. D ♭ AED is played in the chorus, overall the electric guitar is kept relatively simple. The electric guitar is supported by a massive electric bass and continuous drumming . High-pitched samplers are played during the chorus, reminiscent of heavily distorted violins. In the bridge, the bass takes over the background melody and the drums slow down noticeably. You can hear a more gently tuned guitar, the gust of wind-like record samplers at the end of the bridgeis drowned out. After the last part of the song, the song changes into a hip-hop framework, all real instruments are replaced by synthetically played instruments. They slowly begin to play "another song"; the basic beat changes and becomes quieter, the vocals are dropped and replaced by continuous rap.

Text design

And One is about a mentally ill person who feels deeply misunderstood and mistreated by their social circle. There are traits of symptoms of a psychosis . Chester Bennington sings mostly alone, and right at the beginning he asks himself where to start: Where should I start / Disjointed heart / I've got no commitment to my own flesh and blood . The initially expressed helplessness turns into aggression. The chorus is kept aggressive and reads Keep it locked up inside / keep my distance from your lies. Bennington distances himself pathologically from his fellow men and turns to himself. After all, he can only feel distrust and anger. Towards the end of the vocal part, Bennington comes to the conclusion that it is too late to love him now because nobody really knows him: It's too late to love me now / you have never shown me / it's too late to love me now / you don't even know me . The conclusion from this is the breaking of Bennington's heart and distance: Breaking a part of my heart to find release / taking you out of my blood to bring me peace . This part is the only one that is rapped by Mike Shinoda in the first part of the song. At the same time Bennington yells Break me tooand completed with the words Keep my distance . This is followed by a quieter part in which the previous emotions are processed with a more rational look in the form of a hip-hop rap from Shinoda.

Individual evidence

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