Andalucismo islamizante - Andalucismo islamizante

The islamizante andalucismo (also called andalusismo ) is a stream of the Andalusian nationalism that advocates the reconstruction of identity andalusí in Andalusia , that is, by the recovery of the lost tradition Islamic , and the establishment of an independent state Andalusian.

Andalusism appeared in the Andalusian political arena in the 1980s , with the appearance of Liberación Andaluza in 1985 . It is a movement linked to the phenomenon of neo-converts, Spaniards (not necessarily Andalusians) converted to Islam who consider Andalusia as their spiritual homeland and who act through cultural associations such as the Moorish League or the Islam and Al-Andalus Foundation .

According to the theses of this movement, the Andalusian identity, characterized by an open spirit, universalism and tolerance, is incompatible with the racist and European tradition of Spain , since the Moorish substratum of Andalusia excludes it from the Spanish identity. This antagonism would explain the repression of Andalusia since the Reconquest , a fact that in turn would explain the scant success of Andalusianism, since due to centuries of Catholic fundamentalism and cultural assimilation that Andalusia has suffered, anti-Islamic prejudices would still survive in society.

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