Andant - Andant

Andant located in the Province of Buenos Aires
Location of Andant in Province of Buenos Aires
Coordinates 36°33′37″S 62°08′15″O / -36.5603, -62.1375Coordenadas: 36°33′37″S 62°08′15″O / -36.5603, -62.1375
Official language español
Entity Location
Country Argentina's flag Argentina
Province Flag of the Province of Buenos Aires Buenos Aires
Match Daireaux
• Media 117 m s. n. m.
Population (2010)
• Total 42 have.
Time zone UTC -3
Postal Code 6555
Telephone prefix 02316

Andant is a town in the center-west of the province of Buenos Aires located in the district of Daireaux , Argentina .

It is located 55 km from the city of Daireaux .


The 1 of October of 1904 the founded Andant Station of the Ferrocarril Midland .

The 24 as January as 1911 , Jorge Andant donates land to create the village. The same year the station was inaugurated. Mr. Jorge Andant and Mrs. Marie Basselart from Andant donate material and land for the creation of a primary school. But later, the fields of the whole party are flooded by the fallen rains.

On March 15, 1915 , School No. 4 was created in Andant, its first director was Luisa Fornié.

In 1956 , the Midland Railroad changed its name to Ferrocarril General Belgrano , until its services ceased in 1976 . A year later the Social and Sports Club "Los Amigos" is founded.

In 1980 , the rural electrification works began, and in 1988 the 906 kindergarten was created.


It has 42 inhabitants ( Indec , 2010 ), which represents an increase of 5% compared to the 40 inhabitants ( Indec , 2001 ) of the previous census.

Graph of demographic evolution of Andant between 1991 and 2010

Source of the National Censuses of INDEC

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