Platform 1 - Andén 1

Andén 1 is an association of friends of the Madrid Metro founded on September 17 , 2006 by a group of railway fans.

The Association encourages the use of public transport, especially the Madrid Metro, and promotes knowledge of its history and evolution, in which its members and supporters are interested.


The beginnings of the Association date back to March 25 of the same year, in which a group of fans who were members of an Internet railway forum, Tranvía Portal , decided to create a fan club to share stories and defend this means of transport. in the image and likeness of a similar association of the Paris Metro . To do this, they created a provisional website on free hosting and began to build the project. Their first meeting took place at the entrance to the Callao station on Jacometrezo street on August 19 .

After trying to contact Metro de Madrid, SA and having almost 200 registered users on its website, on September 17, the Statutes and the Founding Act of the Association were created by which the 18 founding partners will be. After this, on October 6, the procedures begin at the Tax Office and at the Madrid Registry of Associations.

On December 2, the first General Assembly was held, already with 22 members, and the Board of Directors was elected there. Days later, its website passed 300 registered users.

Currently, Andén 1 already has 80 members and in its participatory space on the internet, now shared with the Association of Friends of the EMT and Bus , there are almost 2000 registered users.


The Association has two main goals:

  • Carrying out activities for members
  • The dissemination of the history and heritage of Metro de Madrid.

Regarding the first, they have made visits to the Arganda Railway Museum , EMT depots or the Metro Command Post, and have been present at all the inaugurations corresponding to the 2003-2007 expansion of the Madrid Metro. Regarding disclosure, they have a very valuable collection that contains plans, press clippings, photographs and even preserved material, donated by partners and others such as, for example, the Regional Transport Consortium or Metro Heritage.

Likewise, Andén 1 has among its objectives to promote the use of public transport in general and the metro in particular, as a key element of mobility in the city and its metropolitan area. Andén 1 also aims to send proposals to Metro and the Consortium to improve the operation of the network.

Plano RFi

Andén 1 has carried out, in collaboration with the designer José Juan Navalón, an integrated railway plan of the Community of Madrid (RFi Plan), whose initiative arose after the appearance of the new and controversial plan of Metro de Madrid . This plan includes the lines of Metro de Madrid such as light rail and commuter Madrid , and even Parla Tramway .

The first edition flat this, whose design has been careful to the smallest detail, was released in September of 2007 , being distributed on paper in various establishments and between partners Anden 1. It has been, and is, a great alternative to official plans.

Since 2008 , a version of the RFi map has been made only with the stations of the city of Madrid (RFi / Capital), whose latest version , the fourth, dates from June 2009 .

The latest edition of the RFi / Community Plan is the twelfth, which was published in June 2009 at the same time as the RFi / Capital version .

Both plans have updated information on the railway network (the recent cut in Metro Line 6) and its current and future extensions (such as the extension of Metro line 2 to the Madrid neighborhood of Las Rosas).

The RFi / Community and RFi / Capital plans, both current and previous, can be downloaded in PDF format or at collaborating establishments, the list of which is also included on the platform 1 website .

Media appearances

During his year and a half of life his appearances in the press , radio and television have not been scarce , highlighting articles in free newspapers such as 20 minutes or Metro, national newspapers such as El País or El Mundo and interventions in television programs such as Locos por Madrid de Onda 6 or Madrid 7 Days of Telemadrid . The departure of the new plan of the Network, designed by Rafael Sañudo , had a special impact , to which the Association gave a clear 'no', appearing in numerous media arguing its position.