Andelfinger Newspaper - Andelfinger Zeitung

Andelfinger Newspaper
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description Swiss regional newspaper
Verlag Druckerei Akeret AG
First edition March 2, 1857
Frequency of publication twice a week, Tuesday and Friday
Sold edition 5,537 (previous year 5,574) copies
( WEMF circulation bulletin 2018 [1] )
Widespread edition 5,543 (previous year 5,574) ( large print run : 15,627; previous year 15,576) copies
(WEMF circulation bulletin 2018)
Editor-in-chief Roland Spalinger
Editor Julia Akeret

The Andelfinger newspaper , also briefly Andelfinger or AZ called, is the regional newspaper of the district Andelfingen or the Zürcher Weinland.


The Andelfinger Zeitung is published by Akeret Verlag + Druck AG / wylandprint. Her focus is on reporting on politics, culture, society and sport in the Andelfingen district and in the Zürcher Weinland . Politically and economically, it declares its reporting to be independent and neutral.

Julia Akeret, the daughter of long-time patron Karl Akeret, is the publisher. The editor-in-chief is Roland Spalinger. The company has 20 employees, ten of them part-time. The Andelfinger newspaper has a WEMF - certified circulation of 5'537 (previous year 5'574.) Sold or 5,543 (previous year: 5'574.) Distributed copies and is the leading newspaper in the Zürcher Weinland. Today the company is divided into two segments: the publishing house with the Andelfinger Zeitung and wylandprint for all printed matter.


The Andelfinger Zeitung usually consists of the following pages:

  • Weinland (politics, culture and society in the Andelfingen district and in some neighboring communities; several pages per issue)
  • Sport (regional sport)
  • Agenda (event information)
  • Kaleidoscope (happening in Switzerland and around the world)
  • All around (events in the cantons of Zurich, Schaffhausen and Thurgau)
  • Mailbox (contributions from readers)


The safeguarding of civil liberties in the Swiss Federal Constitution of 1848 triggered the launch of newspapers across the country. The first newspaper in Andelfingen appeared in 1843 under the title Anzeiger aus dem Andelfingen . More newspapers followed, the publication of which was short-lived, around 1844 the Thur-Bote , until finally H. Mohler, book printer and photographer in Kleinandelfingen , founded the Anzeiger von Andelfingen , i.e. the forerunner of the AZ , in 1857 .

Johann Ulrich Akeret von Nussbaumen TG acquired this advertisement in 1864 and gave it the title Andelfinger Zeitung, which is still valid today . Thanks to the management of the book printer and already experienced newspaper maker Johann Ulrich Akeret and the large family, his successor Paul Akeret (1882–1945), his sons Karl Akeret (1910–2001), Erwin Akeret (1915–1987) and - in the fourth generation - Julia Akeret (1969), the Andelfinger Zeitung has held its own until today and is now in its 145th year.

Publishers historical data

Johann Ulrich Akeret was born on August 4, 1837 into a small farmer's family with eight children. Both parents died early. He completed an apprenticeship as a typesetter at the Buchdruckerei Büchi in Elgg. After short years of wandering, the professional man bought the border messenger in Stein am Rhein, including a printer, in 1860 . The move to Andelfingen took place as early as 1864. First he printed the Andelfinger Zeitungin the "Zwygarten" in Kleinandelfingen on two hand presses and a short time later in Andelfingen. The newspaper appeared twice a week on Wednesday and Saturday with a circulation of 2000 copies. In 1866, the 29-year-old book printer then moved into the new “Zum Neugüetli” building, which is still the headquarters of Akeret AG printing company in Andelfingen today. At the end of October 1902, Johann Ulrich Akeret died at the age of 65.

Paul Akeret, his second youngest son, took over the technical management of the company when he was almost 20 years old, until in 1907 he took over the publishing house and the printer from the community of heirs on his own account. In 1912 he bought the first typesetting machine , which was a revolutionary step for the time. In 1926 a larger extension was built.

An important cornerstone in the company's development was the purchase of the Wülflinger newspaper Der Weinländer, which was founded in 1876, in 1912, including the house and printing shop at Wülflingerstrasse 235, from the Rudolfing native Heinrich Müller-Kern (1872-1940). The Weinländer was printed in the Paul Akeret printing house in Andelfingen.

The editing of the Weinlander was transferred to Erwin Akeret (1915–1987) on October 1, 1941. Until 1961 he was editor of the Andelfinger Zeitung in addition to the Weinländer . In 1960 he bought the Volksblatt from the Andelfingen district , initially merging it with the Weinländer Nachrichten , which later became the Weinländer Tagblatt .

After his death on September 12, 1987, the newspaper publisher Huber & Co. AG in Frauenfeld bought the Weinländer Tagblatt . However, on April 29, 1989, the paper passed to Ulrich Akeret, son of Karl Akeret. From May 1, 1989, the Weinländer appeared under the new title Weinländer Zeitung with three appearances with a circulation of 3100 copies in the Akeret printing company. On December 31, 2002 the Weinländer Zeitung was shut down for financial reasons. Paul Akeret died in 1946 at the age of 64.

The second youngest son of Paul Akeret, Karl Akeret, bought the printing company and publishing house of the Andelfinger Zeitung from the community of heirs in 1947 - at the age of 37 . Following technical developments, he continuously renewed his printing business with modern typesetting and printing machines. The change from lead typesetting to electronic typesetting in 1980 again required a great deal of effort. In 1989 he decided to carry out further modernization and built an extension in which a 16-page MAN web offset press could also be integrated. In 1997 the family business was converted into an AG. [2]

Frequency of publication

Since January 1, 1961, the twice-weekly edition has changed to three times a week. Now it comes out as an afternoon paper on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Karl Akeret took over the editing of the Andelfinger Zeitung . He expanded the newspaper concept and enriched it with pictures and worked until he was 90. He died in 2001.

The Andelfinger Zeitung has been in four colors since March 26, 2010 and, as before 1961, appears twice a week (Tuesday and Friday). But the individual issues are more extensive.

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