Others pray - Django shoots - Andere beten – Django schießt

German title Others pray - Django shoots
Original title If you want to live… shoot!
Country of production Italy
original language Italian
Publishing year 1968
Long 94 minutes
Age rating FSK 18
Director Sergio Garrone
(as Willy S. Regan )
script Franco Cobianchi
Sergio Garrone
production Elsio Mancuso
music Vassili Kojucharov
Elsio Mancuso
Camera Sandro Mancori
cut Giuseppe Giacobino

Others pray - Django shoots (original title: Se vuoi vivere ... spara! ) Is a 1967 incurred spaghetti westerns directed by Sergio Garrone , who pseudonym worked. Several actors, including Ivan Rassimov , were named using an English pseudonym, as in other films of the time. The film ran on August 29, 1969 in the German-speaking area.


The cowboy Johnny Dark comes to a town where the sheriff works with a bounty hunter and a fraudulent saloon owner. In his establishment, strangers are ripped off playing poker and accused of cheating, whereupon the sheriff has them thrown into jail. He enables them to escape and shares with the bounty hunter the bonus that is then placed on them if they are shot or captured by him. Johnny is also lured into this trap; however, if wounded, he can escape the bounty hunter. At the McGowan's ranch, he is nursed back to health by Sally, with whom he falls in love.

The ranch is in an area that the railroad is supposed to pass through; When old McGowan refuses to sell his land for it, the ranch is raided by a gang of Mexicans who slaughter everything. Only Sally can escape. Johnny takes up the chase and can bring down the gang and ultimately their leader. Then he returns to Sally.


Christian Keßler , an expert on Italian films, considers Sergio Garrone's first directorial work to be "relatively insignificant, but a very good photograph can already be highlighted, and the work is not directly boring either". [1] Segnalazioni Cinematografiche saw a film that “ strings together the usual elements, people and situations without much originality and with corresponding results. The performers are also inadequate; This time you can't even rely on the landscape shots. ” [2] “ Hardly exciting, but brutal, ”was the opinion of the international film dictionary . [3]


Only in the German version is the protagonist called "Django".

The soundtrack was released together with two others from the composer team. [4]


The Deutsche Synchron Filmgesellschaft, directed by Karlheinz Brunnemann, used the following speakers for the implementation of his book:


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