Elsewhere. Alone in Africa - Anderswo. Allein in Afrika

Original title Elsewhere. Alone in Africa
Country of production Germany
original language Deutsch
Publishing year 2018
Long 98 minutes
Age rating FSK 0[1]
Director Anselm Pahnke,
Janco Christiansen
script Anselm Pahnke,
Laia Gonzalez
production Evaluates Studios GmbH
music Jan Finck,
Thomas Kisser,
Thomas Reifner
Camera Anselm Pahnke
cut Andree Fischer

The German documentary Elswo. In Africa alone from 2018 is a travel report by Anselm Pahnke, who crossed the African continent from south to north on his bike in 2013 and 2014 . The film had its premiere on December 13, 2018 in Hamburg's Abaton [2] [3] and has already been shown in over 300 cinemas in Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland. [4] In the 50th week of play, the film had 100,000 viewers. [5] "Elsewhere. Alone in Africa ”was awarded the Gilde Film Prize in the category“ Best Documentary 2019 ” [6] at the film art fair in Leipzig .[7]


Anselm Pahnke, who comes from Hamburg, began a bicycle tour in 2013 after completing his bachelor's degree in oceanography and geophysics . With two friends, he first traveled north by bike from South Africa . However, the two friends soon had to break off the trip for private reasons, whereupon Pahnke decided to travel on alone. [3] The film is mainly about the following part of the journey and Pahnke's encounters, experiences and his thoughts during the more than 400-day journey through fifteen African countries. [8] The film ends with the crossing of the Suez Canal in Egypt, but Pahnke then traveled on his bicycle through the Near and Middle East to China and from there across the Himalayas to Southeast Asia and Australia .


According to his own account, Pahnke did not plan to produce a (cinema) film from his recordings during his trip; the idea for this came some time after his return to Germany. [3] The approximately 40 hours of film material were thus only created with a simple compact camera . Avalia Studios GmbH took care of the project from post-production as producer and distributor. The distribution of the film was partly financed by crowdfunding ; [8] Pahnke earned almost 20,000 euros. [2]


Guild Film Award 2019

  • Award as best documentary film [7]


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