Andevoto - Andevoto

Andevoto ( d . 437 ) was a military leader of probable barbarian origin [ 1 ] in command of a private army that would act in Hispania under the command of the powerful Hispano-Roman landowning aristocracy of Betica . In the year 437 a battle takes place on the banks of the Genil river , where he will face the Swabian king Requila . [ 2 ] This one wins, taking a great booty in gold and silver. [ 3 ]

According to San Isidoro , [ 4 ] Andevoto was the military leader of the Roman armies settled in Hispania. However, the Sevillian is not the most reliable source for the events that occurred in Hispania in the 5th century . In this way, another more plausible option is that Andevoto was a kind of condottier who acted in Hispania with his own army hired by the powerful Hispano-Roman nobility. [ 5 ]


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