Andi Fichtner - Andi Fichtner

Andrea Fichtner (born October 11, 1976 in Leonberg ) is a German mountaineer and graphic designer . She became known under the name Andi Fichtner .

Mountaineering achievements

It was only when she began her university studies that she made her first climbing experiences on the Swabian Alb . Later, in the Alps, she initially went on the "classic" high-altitude tours , such as crossing the Matterhorn and Biancograt , as well as on ski tours . The so-called great north faces of the Alps soon followed .

Her preferred style is quick ascent of routes , to practice mountaineering as originally as possible and, if possible, to forego mountain huts and mountain railways. She climbed the Walker pillar through the north face of the Grandes Jorasses in one day, then climbed to the foot of the wall of the Dru in order to commit the Directe Américaine . She managed the north face of Piz Badile through the classic Cassin route as well as the tour Another day in paradise in a time of 3 hours.

While ice climbing , Andi Fichtner conquered some of the most difficult waterfalls in Switzerland and Austria. As a sport climber on the rocks, she moves in routes up to difficulty level 8a + . Successful she was at the German Boulder Cup in 2009 and the Germans Speedcup . [1] She was German runner-up in 2009 and German speed climbing champion in 2010 . [2]

As a speaker, she also presents slide shows on her project Vertical , [3] a book project that deals with people who go vertically, as well as her lecture on her Greenland expedition with Christoph Hainz and Roger Schäli .

Andi Fichtner works as a freelance graphic and web designer.

Tour list

Alpine ice

Alpine rock


  • Breitwangfluh „Betablock“ Super WI7, 300 m
  • Breitwangfluh „Crack Baby“ IV, WI6, 340 m
  • Oeschinenwald "Reise Intergral" WI6
  • Renkfalls "Classic Renkfall" WI4, 170 m (Free Solo)

The sports climber

  • Kronthal, Elsass: „Orange amer“ 8a
  • Rusenschloß-Grotte, Blautal: "Sloth Special" 8a +
  • Kesselwand-Arena, Swabian Alb: “Lustmolch in der Grotte” 8a


  • Expedition together with Christoph Hainz and Roger Schäli in East Greenland . First ascent of the Asta Nunaat mountain, so named by the team, via the “Tartaruga” route 7b + A2.

Individual evidence

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