Andi Rogenhagen - Andi Rogenhagen

Andreas "Andi" Rogenhagen (* 1965 in Pirmasens ) is a German film director , writer and screenwriter . He currently lives in Bochum .

Live and act

Andi Rogenhagen grew up in Marl, Westphalia . After graduating from the Albert-Schweitzer-Gymnasium in Marl, he studied photojournalism at the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences . From 1991 to 1994 he studied film at the same university. From 1996 to 1997 he attended the script writing school in Cologne .

Before Andi Rogenhagen made his first full-length feature film, he became known, among other things, as a documentary filmmaker . For his documentary The Final Kick , he had people in 40 different countries filmed at the same time watching the World Cup final on television, and combined these recordings into a documentary. The film ran worldwide and Rogenhagen was awarded the Adolf Grimme Prize . Andi Rogenhagen's first full-length film was the comedy Die Frau, die zu Dr. Fabian doubted .

In 2010 Rogenhagen shot his second feature film A Tick Different (working title: Johnny Kühlkissen ). The family comedy is about a young woman named Eva (played by Jasna Fritzi Bauer ) who has Tourette's syndrome . The co-production by desert film and NDR as well as ARTE ran in the competition of the Shanghai International Film Festival 2011. [1]

Andi Rogenhagen was also a lecturer at the Ruhr Academy in Schwerte .


The newspapers of the media company Bauer [2] say about the novel Zwölfmeter , a parody of the GDR : “(...) is an enjoyable comedy about absurd lies, secret wishes and realities that have been bent into shape (...) Andi uses the abbreviations of the uniform bureaucrats Rogenhagen repeatedly as a running gag (...) In the end he changes the genre abruptly: The comedy suddenly becomes the story of an adventurous escape ”(from the GDR).

Filmography (selection)

  • 1991: The human race cannot be beaten (director)
  • 1992: James System is on vacation (animation, editing, screenplay, direction)
  • 1995: The Final Kick (TV movie; screenplay, director)
  • 1999: The End of the War (screenplay, director)
  • 2002: The woman who passed on to Dr. Fabian doubted (screenplay, director)
  • 2003: La Palma (screenplay, director)
  • 2011: A Tick Different (screenplay, director)
  • 2017: That Stupid Heart (Screenplay)




Individual evidence

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