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A tender obligation (by oneself to offer) is either a statutory provision or an obligation under private law .

Statutory Regulations

In the case of waste disposal, the obligation to tender is the obligation to dispose of a hazardous waste via a certain facility, hazardous waste dump , hazardous waste incineration plant or a prescribed waste disposal company. The obligation to provide waste for disposal is stipulated by the waste management office in the waste statute of the district or municipality.

Private law obligations

Stock trading

In share trading , an obligation to tender shares in favor of a specific person or company in the event of the intended sale can be agreed. The shareholder wishing to transfer shall notify the shareholders of his intention to transfer by means of a registered letter, stating the number of shares to be transferred. If a third party has expressed its interest, their person and offer must also be named.


The obligation to tender in foreign trade determines that if an export credit insurance has been taken out, the insured company is obliged to insure all transports through the specified insurance company. It must also declare all the transports covered by the contract to the insurance company.

Cooperative system

The articles of association of agricultural cooperatives stipulate that all products intended for sale must be delivered to them during membership. This is of practical importance in particular in the case of dairy cooperatives, where severe contractual penalties are stipulated in the event of a breach and in the case of cooperative LPG follow-up companies in the new federal states [1] . Livestock recycling cooperatives do not insist on the obligation to tender, despite the statutory obligation.

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