The ANDRA ( A gence N ational pour la Gestion des D Échets Ra dioactifs ; German as National Agency for the management of radioactive waste ) is an organization for French disposal and especially final disposal of the arising there of radioactive waste is responsible. It was founded on November 7, 1979 as the Institut des Commissariat à l'énergie atomique (CEA) and transformed into an independent public company by law of December 30, 1991. Its headquarters are in Châtenay-Malabry (Région Île-de-France).


  • Long-term responsibility for the operation of repositories (either directly or by commissioning other companies)
  • Planning and construction of new repositories and implementation of the necessary investigations
  • Establishing specifications for the conditioning and interim storage of radioactive waste in cooperation with the waste producers
  • Participation in research into long-term waste treatment processes

ANDRA is obliged to document its work once a year and to submit the report to the responsible ministries.


ANDRA is building and operating an underground laboratory in Bure , among other places, to examine the local geological conditions and their suitability for a nuclear repository .


  • Own homepage (French): ANDRA - la maitrise des déchets radioactifs ( Eng . ANDRA - The control of radioactive waste ). In: andra.fr (December 31, 2011)