András (Villanueva de Arosa) - András (Villanueva de Arosa)

Entity Parish
Country Spanish flag Spain
Autonomous Community Galicia
Province Pontevedra
County Salnés
Municipality Villanueva de Arosa
Population (2019)
• Total 460 [ 1 ] hab.
• 223 men
• 237 women

András (San Lorenzo) (officially and in Galician, San Lourenzo de András [ 2 ] ) is a parish of the municipality Villanueva de Arosa . In this parish are several places known as: Tapedello, Rua Nova, Gandara, Cruceiro, A Igrexa, Manga, Os Casas, As Cachadas and Traveselas.

Its patron saint festivities are:

  • On August 10 S. Lorenzo
  • On August 11, S. Antonio
  • On August 12, S. Roque

In András (San Lorenzo) we find the Monte Lobeira with two viewpoints, the viewpoint that is at the top of the top, Mirador Monte Lobeira , from where spectacular views of the Ría de Arosa are appreciated , towards the west, in it you can see the Isla de Arosa , a large area of ​​the interior of the province of Pontevedra , to the east, the south face of the Sierra de Barbanza , in the region of Barbanza to the north, and to the south you can see from the mountains and tourist cities of the Salnés region , to Ons Island. You can also see the remains of an old fortress on the highest part of the mountain and it preserves the cisterns where food for battles was stored. You can reach the top of the viewpoint by forest tracks, up to the very foot of the viewpoint, then you have to climb a few meters high, through stairs. At the top you can see the view explained before and also a cross, a cross that culminates in the viewpoint.

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A little further down is the Faro das Lúas , which is an excellent viewpoint with splendid views, taking advantage of a base built in the 50s of the last century, it is made of stainless steel and its author is a man from Vilagarcia called Manolo Chazo. It ended up adopting this name due to the fact that the sun's rays were reflected in the three moons located in its highest part, it is an excellent viewpoint of the Ría de Arosa , Isla de Arosa and Isla de La Toja . The community members created a park all around them and a Route of the Mirador Monte Lobeira - Faro das Lúas, starting from the vicinity of the András Parish Church (San Lorenzo). The community members of András have been implementing a management of the mountain for years aimed at turning it into a space for leisure and recreation, so that everyone can enjoy it.