André Brasilier - André Brasilier

André Marie Pierre Brasilier (born 29 October 1929 in Saumur , Maine-et-Loire ) is a French painter, graphic artist and ceramicist.


Brasilier came from a family of artists. He was a son of the symbolist painter Jacques Brasilier and his wife Alice Chaumont . The architect Jean Brasilier was his older brother.

Brasilier was already noticed with his artistic talent during his school days, but the German occupation during the Second World War prevented further training.

When teaching resumed after the end of the war, Brasilier was able to study at the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Paris (ENSBA) from 1949 and already excelled ten years later with a first solo exhibition. In 1953 the Académie des Beaux-Arts awarded him the Prix ​​de Rome and with the associated scholarship, Brasilier spent two years from 1954 at the Académie de France à Rome in the Villa Medici in Rome .

After another year on the world tour, Brasilier returned to France in 1958 and settled in Paris. In 1962 he was able to complete his first international solo exhibition in New York .

In addition to his work in his own studio, Brasilier also repeatedly worked outside of it. In 1985 he was engaged at the Opéra de Monaco for the equipment (costumes and sets) for the operetta Ciboulette by Reynaldo Hahn . In 1992 Brasilier created the costumes and sets for the opera Mignon by Ambroise Thomas , a production at the Municipal Theater of Compiègne ( Oise department ).

In 2005 the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg showed a major retrospective of all of Brasilier's work. A similar exhibition was shown by Mitsukoshi in Paris the following year .

Brasilier was married to Chantal d'Hauterives and had a daughter and two sons with her.


Works (selection)

Oil paintings
  • Horse riders in winter . 1969.
  • Music in Versailles . 1987.
  • Cavalcade rose.
  • Tulips and Mimoses in bouquet .
Theater works
  • 1985 production of the operetta Ciboulette
  • 1992 equipment for the opera Mignon


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