André Haynal - André Haynal

André Haynal (born August 13, 1930 in Budapest ; [1]November 7, 2019 in Geneva ) [2] was a Hungarian - Swiss psychiatrist , psychoanalyst and university professor . He is considered an important chronicler of the disputes between Sigmund Freud and Sándor Ferenczi and has also published their correspondence.


Haynals father Imre Haynal (1892-1979) was an internist and member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences . [3] He studied philosophy in Budapest and then medicine in Zurich . In 1956 he was among the students in the Hungarian People's Uprising . He has lived in Geneva since 1966. He was a professor at the medical school and was twice visiting professor at Stanford University in California .

Haynal has authored several books on psychoanalytic issues that have been translated into several languages. Haynal reconstructed the debate about the “correct” analytical treatment technique. It conveys a fresh picture of the openness and the willingness to experiment in psychoanalytic beginnings. He believes that the questions that led to the dissent between Freud and Ferenczi have become more topical in the present. Michael Balint said that this controversy had become a trauma in the history of psychoanalysis. Léon Wurmser praised Haynal's book on the technology debate in “ Psycheashistorical, yet highly topical, philosophical, yet directly relevant to psychotherapeutic practice, passionate and captivating, yet solid and scientifically founded.


In 1979 André Haynal was invited to give the Sigmund Freud Lecture in Vienna . He chose as his subject: Freud's concept of man .


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