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André Holst

André Holst (born July 6, 1964 in Lübeck ) is a German radio presenter , journalist , show master and entertainer .


After training as a music dealer and organ teacher in Lübeck, Holst studied acting , musicals and theater education in Hamburg , played theater and switched to the media industry in 1990. He has been working for MDR since 1990 [1] , while also working for Radio NORA for a while .

André Holst works both on the radio and on television , initially with the four-part series Fifty-Fifty , which was broadcast in the evening program of the MDR. Other programs are MDR at 12 , the MIMA country quiz and the show LONG SATURDAY . In addition, he announced the programs of this station on NDR .

In addition to his journalistic work in Germany, he worked in England with Swing , among others, he went first German entertainer with the Syd Lawrence Orchestra on England - tour , on the Expo 2000 [2] also played this orchestra. Since 2006 he has been working with the Hans Leonhardt Orchestra in Germany and giving guest performances.

As a singer he has been resident in the following programs: NDR Talkshow , ARD Wunschbox , ZDF TV Garden , NDR Sonntakte , In Hübner , MDR - Happy, laughter is key , scoffers, fun and top executives , MDR -Silvestergala, The perfect Celebrity Dinner (VOX) and on the Malcolm Laycock Show on the BBC .

In 2010 he took over the Green Citadel Theater in Magdeburg . He gave up the house after a year and devoted himself intensively to his production activities [3] .


André Holst has been involved in general welfare since 1996 . To this end, he organizes so-called charity talk series [4] in Germany, in which prominent personalities from the fields of culture, politics and sport appear. A large number of foundations and initiatives have benefited from this so far.

In the summer of 2018 he founded the Haus mit Herz [5] initiative in Bad Lauterberg in the Harz Mountains , through which individual problem solutions and new ways for special people can be found quickly and without red tape.


  • 2000: Peter Frankenfeld Prize [6] for artistic versatility and humanitarian commitment
  • 2002: Jazz Award [7] for the category "Singing / Swing" the CD "Thats Swing" by André Holst with Chris Dean's European Swing Orchestra at Nagel-Heyer_Records .
  • 2016: smago! Award , "Charity Prize" for 20 years of show talk


  • 1992: Fifty-Fifty, MDR show series (moderator, 4 episodes)
  • 1993: My Show, MDR Show (external reporter)
  • 2001: Zoo-Safari, MDR documentary (moderator, 100 episodes)
  • 2001: Alles Gute, MDR-Show (presenter, singer)
  • 2002: Gute Reise, MDR documentary (moderator, 30 episodes)
  • 2003: 50 years Jacob Sisters, MDR show (presenter)
  • 2004: Gleichschlags 13, MDR-Comedy (actor, producer, 10 episodes)
  • 2004: Doctor games, MDR quiz show (moderator)
  • 2006: Laughter is the trump card, MDR show (presenter)
  • 2007: Sternstunden, MDR-Show (moderator)


  • Tribute to Sinatra (1999) mit dem Orchester Paul Kuhn. Special Guest: Dagmar Frederic
  • When Christmas approaches (2000) with the Alfred home orchestra
  • Your love makes me strong (2001) first German production
  • That's Swing (2002) with the European Swing Orchestra / London under the musical direction of Chris Dean. Special guest: Mary Roos
  • What can I do for it (2003) with the Jacob Sisters
  • Peter Frankenfeld DVD (2005) the most beautiful skits from music is trumps
  • Harald Juhnke DVD (2007) the most beautiful skits from music is trumps
  • Zeitschiff Unicorn CD (2018) radio play about the escape to Pepperland


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