André Müller (journalist) - André Müller (Journalist)

André Müller (born February 25, 1946 in Michendorf , Brandenburg , † April 10, 2011 in Munich ) was an Austrian journalist and writer .


Müller was born in 1946 in Brandenburg, East Germany, to an Austrian and a French soldier. However, his father left the family before he was born, and the mother returned to her home country Austria with her son in 1950. They lived in Vienna and Müller's mother worked as an employee for a health insurance company. After graduating from high school , Müller studied philosophy , German and history and began working as a court reporter in Vienna in 1967. The Wiener Kronenzeitung was his first employer. He also wrote his first theater reviews for this newspaper . In 1970 Müller went to Munich and worked inFeatures of the evening newspaper .

André Müller has worked as a freelance journalist since 1975. Known are his interviews with famous contemporaries, he in newspapers and magazines such as the mirror , the star , the time , the Weltwoche or the Playboy published. Collections of his conversations have also appeared as books. Müller died of cancer in April 2011 in Munich at the age of 65. [1]


In 1988 he had one of his most famous conversations with the then Burgtheater director and director Claus Peymann , [2] which appeared at the time and almost caused a state scandal in Austria. The interview with his mother, You live because you are born, [3] was premiered in 1997 as a play at Hamburg's Thalia Theater . André Müller often appeared in public as a reader of his interviews (including in the Wiener Literaturhaus and at the Poet Festival in Erlangen). In the film Malina by Werner Schroeter (based on the novel by Ingeborg Bachmann) he played a reporter. In 2001, at the invitation of the Swiss magazine publisher Tamedia, he led a further training seminar for journalists in Zurich: The interview as (self-) exposure. On February 28, 2009, a text montage based on Müller's interview with Alice Schwarzer (Then howl) was premiered on the studio stage of the Thalia Theater .

André Müller also emerged as a prose writer. In 2000 he was awarded the Ben Witter Prize . [4]




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