André Plath - André Plath

André Plath (* 1960 in Leipzig ) is a German investigative journalist , author , photographer , cultural manager , documentary film director and blogger .


Plath studied cultural studies (aesthetics, cultural theory) and theater studies at the Humboldt University in Berlin . From 1988 to 1990 he was head of press and public relations at the Berlin Theater im Palast (TiP). He then founded the "tkm" (theater, concert and media agency) together with the actress Vera Oelschlegel and the Germanist Gregor Edelmann and then the "Plath + Co", under whose roof the Theater des Ostens Berlin [1](TdO) primarily produced spoken theater productions. On guest tours with the Theater des Ostens, Plath acted, in addition to his work as a tour director, prop master, and stage worker, occasionally as a small actor, for example as "Old Woman" and as "Soldier" (silent role) in August Strindberg's "Der Totanzenz" at the side of Hans-Peter Minetti . For 13 years he managed the theater business of a private tour company from the new federal states, at times with the Schlote concert management in Salzburg. The Theater des Ostens (TdO) has made guest appearances in all German-speaking countries in Europe. The last world premiere in the Theater im Palast, "Men's Biographies in the GDR" by Jürgen Lemke then went on tours through Germany, Austria and Switzerland with PLATH + CO / TdO. [2] The Brecht-Revue " Because as one makes a bed, so one lies " or " What costs the world " (written and directed by Manfred Wekwerth , compositions by Fred Symann, with Renate Richter and Vera Oelschlegel as actresses) appeared in 98 cities German-speaking area and in 1998 became the most-played production for Brecht's 100th birthday. [3] As early as 1988, on the occasion of Brecht's 90th birthday: Plath participated in the International Brecht Dialogue, with the Brecht Center of the GDR under the leadership of Werner Hecht.

Since the mid-1980s, Plath has also worked regularly as a theater and literary critic for the Berliner Zeitung , the Sonntag and the Theater der Zeit. [4] In addition, he worked for other newspapers and magazines, such as Neue Deutsche Literatur (ndl), Junge Welt , Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung (WAZ), Tango (magazine) or Bild der Frau , anti-aging news. He was a guest columnist for the Swiss weekly magazine "Diagonal" (Trigon Verlag AG).

In 1985, Plath was co-initiator and sign painter when naming the street for Heiner-Müller- Allee in Sarmstorf , Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. [5] [6]

In 1986, still as a student, Plath was Tatjana Rese's assistant in her first directorial work “Jochen Schanotta” by Georg Seidel at the theater of the city of Schwedt.

In 1988 he became head of press and public relations at the Theater im Palast (TiP) in the Palast der Republik .

While studying cultural studies, Plaths was the graduate supervisor Horst Groschopp .

From 1982 to 1984: Textbook warehouse manager, messenger and secretary to the chief dramaturge Wolfgang Schuch at the theater publisher henschel SCHAUSPIEL .

In 1994 and 1995, Plath organized the first two and so far only (with a preface by Ignatz Bubis ) Germany tours for the State Jewish Theater in Bucharest , the first Yiddish theater in the world, with the play "Hershale or Whoever Laughs Last" .

At the MDR / TVmedia-Ostalgie-Show Ein Kessel DDR (2003) [7] [8] [9] [10] Plath was "Editor for special tasks". He develops radio and television formats and is also active in advertising. His "MAP" (Media Agency Plath) is a research service provider for clients in the fields of business and law and also develops websites. Close audio book, photo and documentary collaboration with musician and composer Jens-Peter Kruse / El Aleman.

Plath worked nationally and internationally as a journalist for Bild, BZ, Welt, Spiegel, MAX, Berliner Zeitung, Bunte, Stern and Süddeutsche Zeitung. A long-term collaboration connected him with Hans-Hermann Tiedje and his TVmedia Ebersberg, later with WMP Eurocom , [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] as well as with the paparazzo who died in 2017 Franz Ruch.

Plath is a member of the Association of German Photojournalists.

As the main source of material, he was involved in the award-winning ZDF / novafilm series of Gregor Edelmann's The Last Witness .

His first photo show “Erotic Battlefields”, together with Sabrina Piaras, was shown during the 17th “24-hour exhibition” in 2015 in Leipzig. [18] Also in 2015, Plath's first work as a documentary film director (in collaboration with Berlin filmmaker Chris Caliman) "Holger - happiness is every moment" premiered at the Munich "Nightshade Film Festival". [19] The film then went on festival tour around the world. [20] Another documentary "Nice that you are there" (work in 3 acts. Robin Zöffzig portrays Jürgen Lemke) [21] , premiered in 2017 in the spinning mill in Leipzig. [22] The production was then shown in various off-cinemas. [23][24][25]

Since 2016 Plath also acts as Performancer . [26] [27] [28]

In 2018, Plath recorded selected adaptations of the Shakespeare sonnets of his deceased brother in the self-publisher "edition map", musically accompanied and interpreted by Christian Batzdorf, the solo trumpeter of the Staatskapelle Berlin, directed by the chanson singer, actor and speaker Karsten Troyke. André Plath's brother is the poet , Germanist and songwriter Karl Werner Plath, who died in 2006 .


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