André Sikojev - André Sikojev

André Sikojev ( Russian Андрей Сикоев ; born March 25, 1961 in Moscow ) is a priest of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad (ROCOR) or the Russian Orthodox Diocese of the Orthodox Bishop of Berlin and Germany .

He is the Berlin representative of Archbishop Mark of Berlin and Germany and commissioner of the ROKA Synod at the seat of the Federal Government and the German Bundestag .

Sikojev also worked as a literary translator , author and - globally active - film producer for cinema and television .


André Sikojev was born in 1961 in the Soviet Union as the son of an Ossetian mining engineer and a German mother . In the same year the family moved to the GDR . He grew up in Berlin and placed there in 1979 his Abitur down, with the aim of Medicine study. However, he was drafted into the NVA for basic military service, which he served as a simple soldier until January 1981 until he was seriously injured.

Since 1979 he was in contact with later civil rights activists like Vera Lengsfeld and after 1981 with opposition writers like Inge and Stefan Heym . Sikojev wrote his experiences in the NVA together with his friend Martin Siebert in an (unpublished) letter novel “Tagedrücken. Letters from a penal regiment of the NVA ”, which he disseminated in private and church readings. At the same time he wrote articles about the situation of young people and students in the GDR for Der Spiegel , among others , which with the help of journalists accredited in East Berlin such as Peter Merseburger (SFB) and Peter Wensierski were smuggled to the West and published there.

All these activities and his participation in the church peace movement in Berlin ultimately led to the Stasi becoming aware of Sikojev. He was interrogated, threatened and monitored several times. His place at the Humboldt University was revoked. A criminal complaint and a possible conviction for "anti-social behavior" could be averted at the last minute with the help of a church job in a Berlin community cemetery.

With the help of Wolfgang Ullmann and Richard Schröder , Sikojev was accepted as an external student at the Sprachenkonvikt Berlin . In the lectures and seminars of his teacher Ullmann, Sikojev and close friends, including Stephan Steinlein, Gunnar Lammert and Wolfram Bürger, became acquainted with the scientific and theological works of Karl Barth, Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy and, above all, the Orthodox priest Pavel Florenskijs . In particular, his main work "The pillars and the foundations of truth" had a lasting influence on Sikojev, who finally led to his membership in the Evangelical Church of Berlin-Brandenburg in 1983.

From 1981 to 1983 André Sikojev also worked on the literary translation of the Ossetian Narten epic from Russian.

In February 1984 he fled to West Berlin through the Permanent Mission of the Federal Republic of Germany . There, at the request of Diederich Verlag, he also took over the scientific publication of the “Narten”, probably the oldest European epic. The German first edition "Die Narten" took place in 1985 in Cologne.

In 1984 André Sikojev began studying Protestant theology in Berlin, but then switched to Orthodox theology and Slavic studies at the Institute for Orthodox Theology in Munich.

While still a student, he founded Kyrill & Method Verlag together with Ilija Trojanow in 1987 , which was dedicated to the translation and publication of philosophers and theologians of Russia as well as important writers from the Commonwealth . There were also German non-fiction books such as David Lamb Afrika Afrika . The publisher also supported the civil rights movement after German unification. [1]

Together with the journalist Gleb Rahr , Sikojev published the anthology Klöster, Starzen und Ikonen on the occasion of Russia's 1,000-year baptism in 1988 and translated and edited the first German-language books by the orthodox philosopher and priest Pavel Florenskij, The Salt of the Earth in his own publishing house and The Reverse Perspective , published in Munich 1989 ( Matthes and Seitz Verlag ). For the yearbook of the publisher Axel Matthes, André Sikojev also translated several prose texts by Osip Mandelstam into German for the first time .

The Russian-born painter and writer Haralampij Graf Oroschakoff (Dandalo, 1989) [2] belonged to Sikojev's circle of friends and creators from those years in Munich until today .

In 1991, Sikojev began developing films and scripts for children. He worked as an inventor and producer of high quality animated films for children and globally successful cinema documentaries until 2009: "Out of his Christian faith grew the will to produce non-violent children's films and nature films for families".

His most significant successes include the two seasons of the children's cartoon series SimsalaGrimm (2 × 26 episodes) and the feature documentaries Deep Blue and Our Earth - The Film .

Russian Orthodox Church

In 1991 André Sikojev was ordained a deacon at the Russian Orthodox Cathedral Church in Munich (Russian: Cобор свв. Новомучеников и исповедников Российских), where he served until 2000. The iconographic painting of the associated chapel of St. Nicholas was done by Tamara Sikojev, with whom he has been married since 1988. In 2005 he was ordained a priest by Archbishop Mark of Berlin and Germany and has since been the parish priest of the Berlin “Protection of the Mother of God” church (Russian: Покров Пресвятой Богородицы). [3]

After the terrorist attack in Beslan / Ossetia (Russia) [4] on September 1, 2004, he organized one of the largest German aid projects for children and their relatives in the region and initiated the ROCOR in cooperation with Deutsche Kindernothilfe, the Federal Chancellery and the dioceses Australia and Germany the construction of a trauma center in the North Caucasus, which has since been headed by the Sisterhood of the Alanic (Ossetian) [5] under Theophanien women's monastery and has cared for over 6000 children and relatives to date.

In 2006 he was a delegate of the German Diocese to the 4th General Council [6] of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad (ROCOR) in San Francisco. 2007 appointed in Metropolitan Lauras to the official delegation of the ROCOR on the occasion of the historical reunification of the ROK under Patriarch Alexij II. And Metropolitan Laurus in Moscow.

Since 2007 he has been a board member of the "Fund for Assistance" [7] at ROCOR in New York.

At the 2015 Berlin Patronage Festival, he was awarded the title of Archpriest .


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