Andrei Grachov - Andréi Grachov

Andrei Grachov
Personal information
Birth name Andrei Dmitrievich Grachov View and modify data on Wikidata
Birth 1900 View and modify data on Wikidata
Death April 24 , 1964 View and modify data on Wikidata
nationality Soviet
Professional information
Occupation Astronautical scientist and engineer View and modify data on Wikidata

Andréi Dmítrievich Grachov (in Russian : Андрей Дмитриевич Грачёв , sometimes transliterated Grachev ; 1900-1964) was a Russian scientist dedicated during the Soviet period to the development of rocket engines. [ 1 ]


Originally from Saint Petersburg , [ 2 ] he was arrested in 1938 on the occasion of Stalin's purges , [ 3 ] being released in 1942 on the recommendation of Lavrenti Beria (along with seven other technicians who had had a prominent role in the development of a production diesel engine) to boost Russia's war effort in the middle of World War II .

For the last sixteen years of his life (between 1948 and 1964) he was a collaborator of the chief designer Valentín Glushkó [ 2 ] at OKB-GDL , specializing in liquid propellant rocket engines.

Controversy over the naming of the lunar crater Grachev

In the mid-1960s, in the middle of the Cold War between the USSR and the US, rumors circulated in Western media about a supposed Soviet space mission, which would have tragically ended with a cosmonaut lost in space: Alekséi Grachev . According to these sources of information, the Russian government would have concealed this failure so as not to harm its prestige in the space struggle that it maintained with the Americans.

When in 1970 the surname Grachev appeared among the names accepted by the International Astronomical Union to designate craters on the Moon, the old rumors were unleashed again, giving credence to the idea that the designation of the crater was a posthumous tribute to the missing cosmonaut , regardless of the fact that the honored person, the scientist Andrei Grachov, was already 64 years old when he died in 1964, [ 2 ] so it could not be the cosmonaut with the same surname allegedly missing.


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