Andres Alsina - Andrés Alsina

Andres Alsina
Personal information
Birth November 8 , 1946 View and modify data on Wikidata(74 years old)
Montevideo ( Uruguay ) View and modify data on Wikidata
nationality Uruguayan
Professional information
Occupation Journalist , writer and teacher View and modify data on Wikidata

Andrés Alsina ( Montevideo , November 8, 1946) is a Uruguayan writer , journalist , editor , and teacher . Guggenheim fellow and winner of the Juan Rulfo Award from Radio France International .


He emigrated alone to Buenos Aires in 1963 without having finished secondary education. After various jobs, he began in journalism in 1967 in the weekly Confirmado, under the secretariat of Horacio Verbitsky , who took him with him to the nascent daily La Opinion . In 1968 and for a year, Alsina and Verbitsky, collaborated in the weekly CGT de los Argentinos, under the direction of Rodolfo Walsh [ 1 ]. With Walsh he learned the rudiments of investigative journalism and was his collaborator in several of the series published by the weekly; among them, The sect of the prod, The sect of the joyous trigger, and in instrumental and very secondary tasks, in Who Killed Rosendo .


Imprisoned in April 1972 for being linked to the ERP ( People's Revolutionary Army ), he was amnestied by the end of the civil-military dictatorship of Onganía - Levingston - Lanusse on May 25 , 1973 . Editorial secretary of the newspaper El Mundo until its closure by the Peronist government in January 1974 , and of the weekly Nuevo Hombre, which closed later that year. After a clandestinity that included the exercise of journalism, he emigrated to Sweden on August 17 , 1977 , to return from there to Montevideo in December1985 . In Sweden he worked in cleaning, as an interpreter, as a social worker and from 1979 to 1988 for the newspaper in Spanish for immigrants Invandrartidning, and intermittently for Radio Nacional de Sweden in the Spanish program Panorama, for which he continued to collaborate as a correspondent since Montevideo until 1990 [ 2 ] .

Return to Uruguay

In Montevideo he worked for the newspaper El Día from February 1986 until its closure in January 1991 , in short periods as editorial secretary for the newspapers La Mañana ( 1991 ) and El Diario ( 1995 ), and as an external collaborator in the monthly Punto y Apart. (1987-90). In 1991 he joined the newspaper El Observador , from where he left in 1995 to return as external personnel until 2006 ; There he carried out a variety of journalistic functions (less to write about national politics) among which the section Urban Looks stands out.who held the back cover of the newspaper for five years [ 3 ] .

In 2013 he joined Ediciones Olímpica , where he hosted the Rocket magazine and participated in the organization of various workshops on the narrative genre, together with Roberto López Belloso . He wrote notes for the weekly Brecha between 2015 and 2016 [ 4 ] . He currently writes in La Diaria [ 5 ] and in the Argentine web portal El rocket a la luna [ 6 ] .

Teaching activity

In 1994 he taught at the Faculty of Communications of the Universidad Católica Dámaso Antonio Larrañaga , in Montevideo (Journalism workshop, fourth year) Since 2006 and for a decade he was a professor at the Faculty of Communication and Design of the ORT University, also in Montevideo , where he taught Reportage and Narrative Journalism (in 5th and 7th semesters).

Alsina was awarded the Legion Book Prize awarded by the Uruguayan Chamber of the Book .



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