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Andrés Burguera
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Andrés Burguera
Personal information
Birth name Andrés Pajares Burguera
Birth August 29, 1975 (45 years)
Madrid , Spain
nationality Spanish
Professional information
Occupation Actor , Presenter Television, Model

Andrés Burguera , born Andrés Pajares Burguera ( Madrid , 29 of August of 1975 ) is an actor, television presenter and model Spanish .


Son of the actors Andrés Pajares and María del Carmen (“Maby”) Burguera. [ 1 ]

He studied at the Colegio San Estanislao de Kotska in Madrid and completed his studies in Crans-montana , in the German-speaking area of ​​Switzerland, later doing COU at the Robert E. Lee Institute in Staunton, Virginia (USA). He did a Marketing degree. He combined his studies with his acting career. [ citation required ]

In 1989 he participated in the movie Todos al piso , in a small role as a mechanic, along with Antonio Ozores . [ 2 ] Then he worked on his father's play El Extrano , in 1990, presented at the Reina Victoria Theater in Madrid . His first play in English was performed while studying drama in New York, at the alternative theater at the Actors Studio in Manhattan, in the title role of David. It is in this city, while studying, the local police confuse him with the murderer of designer Gianni Versace , so he abruptly jumps to fame due to the world news that this entails. [ 3 ]

That same year he was hired to work on the Spanish television series Uncle Willy , playing the character of Micky. In 1998 he joined the Society of Actors and Interpreters of Spain, AISGE , as a supporting actor. Between 2001-02, he was the image in the "For sun" glasses campaign, of the then Tabacalera group .

He worked as a co-presenter and collaborator in the program Noche de fiesta , by the producer and ventriloquist José Luis Moreno and later, between 2002 and 2003, in the program Humor is written with H , on TVE-1. He plays the role of the psychopath Jordi in the first tele-series in Spain for the Internet called e-namorarte .

In 2010 he was invited to act, in one of the leading roles, in the short film Muerte o vida , by the director Gabi Medialdea . [ 4 ] Since February 2013, he has participated regularly in the program 12 hearts , of the Univision network , from Los Angeles (USA) to 8 countries.

In 2013 he premiered as a prologue in Javier Sedano's book Corazones en libertad (Odyssey publishing house)



  • The foreigner -Madrid 1989
  • David & Lisa - New York 1997

T.V. series

  • Uncle Willy (1997-98), in the character of Micky.
  • Teleserie E-Namorate 2002 for Internet

Television presenter