Andrés Cascioli - Andrés Cascioli

Andrés Cascioli
Andrés Cascioli.jpg
Cascioli in 1974
Personal information
Birth name Andres Luis Cascioli
Birth October 15 , 1936
Argentina's flag Argentina , Avellaneda
Death As June 24 as 2009 , 72 years old
Argentina's flag Argentina , City of Buenos Aires
nationality Argentinian
Professional information
Cartoonist Editor
Pseudonym The Tano
Notable works Revista Humor Registrado
Revista Satiricón

Luis Andrés Cascioli ( Avellaneda , 1936 - Buenos Aires , 24 of June of 2009 ) [ 1 ] was a humorist and cartoonist Argentine and especially editor, among whose magazines include Satyricon and Humor Registered .


Cascioli in the 1970s, in front of a caricature of the dictator Videla .

Its beginnings were in advertising design and comic drawing. In 1972 he created the magazine Satiricón together with Oskar Blotta , while in 1978 he founded Humor and later Ediciones de la Urraca . Of these magazines he was the usual producer of covers, cartoonish and satirical illustrations that made him famous.

The publishing house published other magazines, including Superhumor, Fierro, Humi, El Periodista de Buenos Aires, El pendulo. Also numerous books. [ 2 ]

In 1996 he assembled the project and work team for the Argentine edition of RollingStone magazine, and published its first nine issues.

From 2006 exhibitions with his originals were exhibited in Buenos Aires, Rosario, Mar del Plata, Río Gallegos, Chivilcoy.

He was the author of the books La magazine Humor y la dictatadura; 30 years of political humor; The Argentina that laughs, and Grafovida (work of Luis J. Medrano).


In 1982 he received for Humor the award for the Best Satirical Magazine in the World, in Italy . That same year, the Association of Cartoonists of Argentina distinguished him as cartoonist of the year. [ 3 ]

In 2012 the Konex Foundation awarded him a Post-mortem Diploma of Merit for his career as an illustrator.


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