Andres Coello - Andrés Coello

Andrés Claudio Coello Roldán [ 1 ] ( Madrid , 1805-Madrid, 1880) was a Spanish architect, active mainly in Asturias .


Born in Madrid in 1805, [ 2 ] he was in charge of various projects for penitentiary buildings in Asturias, [ 3 ] where he was a provincial architect, [ 2 ] among them that of the Town Hall and Llanes party prison , [ 3 ] In addition to the Cangas del Narcea court building , which would be completed by Javier Aguirre Iturralde , [ 4 ] or the Gijón town hall, although this project would be modified by subsequent revisions by Luis Céspedes and Lucas María Palacios. [ 5 ] He died in his hometown in 1880. [ 2 ]

Coello was of the opinion, referring to the Higher School of Architecture of Madrid, that «in this Higher School, as in all of its class, that spirit of pedantry that forms the essence of our plan predominates and is reflected of public instruction and by its consequence the Regulation of studies is overloaded with a portion of useless subjects ». [ 6 ]



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