Andres Costafreda - Andrés Costafreda


Andrés Costafreda Montoliu ( Alfarrás , Lleida , 1909 - 6 of maypole of 1998 ) was an entrepreneur Spanish , known for being the founder of the Panrico Group in 1984 to commercialize donuts in Spain. [ 1 ]


Andrés was born in the town of Alfarrás ( Lérida ) in 1909. [ 2 ] He was orphaned at the early age of five. He settled in Barcelona in 1928 where he opened one of his first bakeries . He is the founder in 1952 of the Costafreda and Sugarline company with which he is dedicated to the commercialization and production of bakery flours . With the experience acquired during the development of the flours, he created Donut Corporation Española in 1962 with the aim of distributing donuts in Spain .

In 1962 he founded the company Panificio Rivera Costafreda , opening various factories of food products in Catalonia in the decades of the 70s and 80s . Founded the Panrico Group in 1984. [ 1 ]


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