Andres de Castillejos - Andrés de Castillejos

Andres de Castillejos
Interior Parish of the Assumption Bujalance detail.jpg
Main Altar of the Cathedral of La Asunción in Bujalance
Personal information
Birth vs. 1550
Death c. 1625
Province of Seville
nationality SpainSpain
Professional information
Occupation Sculpture , Altarpieces , Imaginary
Employer Guillermo de Orta Ruiz de Tarifa Family
Notable works The Nazarene of Cádiz

Andrés de Castillejos ( Córdoba province , 1550 - Sevilla province , 1625 ) was a sculptor of Cordovan origin who worked in Seville at the end of the 16th and early 17th centuries.


The following works are attributed to him, among others:

  • The altarpiece of the main chapel of the Cathedral of the Countryside of Bujalance (Córdoba), being in charge of the pictorial task Leonardo Enríquez de Navarra .
  • In 1587 he made an altarpiece for the Church of San Andrés in Seville . The altarpiece paintings were made by Alonso Vázquez .
  • In 1610, he worked on the altarpiece of the main altar of the Church of San Mateo de Tarifa (Cádiz) , whose paintings correspond to Juan Gómez .
  • In the same year, 1611, he was commissioned to make an altarpiece for the Ruiz family's private chapel, which would be completed in 1612 by the assembler Antonio Sánchez.
  • In 1996 an inscription was discovered in the image of the Nazarene of Cádiz , Perpetual Regidor of the City and popularly known as El Greñúo, which confirmed the authorship of this image to "Andres de C", most likely Andres de Castillejos.

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