Andres Gimenez Soler - Andrés Giménez Soler

Andres Gimenez Soler
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Rector of the University of Zaragoza
Predecessor Hipólito Casas Gómez de Andino
Successor Ricardo Royo Villanova

2nd President of the RSFZ
Predecessor Manuel Lorenzo Pardo
Successor Eduardo Cativiela Pérez

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Civil Governor of Gerona

Personal information
Birth November 10, 1869
Zaragoza , Spain
Death September 29, 1938 (68 years)
Zaragoza , Spain
Grave Torrero cemetery View and modify data on Wikidata
nationality Spanish
Educated in Zaragoza's University View and modify data on Wikidata
Professional information
Occupation historian , professor, arabist and amateur photographer
Member of

Andrés Giménez Soler ( Zaragoza , November 10, 1869 - September 29 of 1938) [ 1 ] was a historian and Arabist Spanish , archivist of the Crown of Aragon , rector of the University of Zaragoza , president of the Royal Photographic Society Zaragoza , civil governor of Gerona and member of the Royal Academies of History , Fine Arts of San Luis and of the Sciences of Zaragoza.


He was a member of a humble family of artisans and had to expend effort to study a university degree. He graduated in History from the University of Zaragoza and later received a doctorate from Madrid. In 1893 he obtained the place in the Archive of the Crown of Aragon ( Barcelona ), where he began his research, and in 1899 he obtained the chair of History of Ancient and Middle Spain at the University of Seville , but almost immediately, in 1900, he He moved to the University of Zaragoza , from where he did not move until his death and of which he became rector between 1911 and 1913. [ 2 ] In 1927 he was elected president of theRoyal Photographic Society of Zaragoza . [ 3 ] [ 4 ] For a while was civil governor of Gerona . In 1937, shortly before his death, he rearranged the Zaragoza Municipal Archive .

In his activity as a historian, he devoted himself mainly to the study of the reigns of Ferdinand the Catholic , Jaime II and Alfonso V of Aragón , of Justiciazgo , or the delimitation of the border between Catalonia and Aragon . He also dealt with the study of the Aragonese economy and society, showing special interest in the peasantry and the Moors and Jews , or issues related to local administration. He also wrote some documented biographies of Don Juan Manuel and Fernando el Católico. He was a corresponding academic of the Real de la Historia and a full member of the Real de Ciencias de Zaragoza and the Real de Bellas Artes de San Luis .

Between 1904 and 1905 he published in the Archives, Libraries and Museums Magazine two articles entitled The Expedition to Granada of the Infantes D. Juan and D. Pedro in 1319 , on the Disaster of the Vega de Granada , which are still frequently mentioned by the Modern medievalists when they refer to that battle, in which these infants died, since he was the first to compare the contemporary testimonies of Christians and Muslims. [ 5 ] [ 6 ] [ 7 ]

He briefly managed the Zaragoza daily La Crónica de Aragón . [ 8 ]

To his credit, he has nearly one hundred published titles, preferably on history and Arabism , among which the great diffusion reached by his monograph The Middle Ages in the Crown of Aragon , of which he produced two editions. He left behind numerous disciples, many of whom benefited from his proverbial generosity. [ 2 ]


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  • The expedition to Granada of the Infantes D. Juan and D. Pedro in 1319 (2nd part), Madrid: Tip. from the Journal of Archives, Libraries and Museums, 1905.
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  • Criticism of the book Numantia: die Keltiberer und ihre Kriege mit Rom (Numantia: the Celtiberians and their wars with Rome): speech read at the solemn opening of the studies of the academic year from 1921 to 1922 . Zaragoza: G. Casañal, 1921.
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  • Scientific-economic conference held at the Ateneo de Madrid ... in 1915, by Andrés Giménez Soler ... on the theme "Local haciendas" after the law to suppress consumption, with an epilogue by Luis González . Zaragoza: Blasco, 1915.
  • The Crown of Aragon and Granada: Hist. of the relations between both kingdoms , Barcelona [Dr .:] Casa Prov. de Caridad, 1908.

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