Andrés Judge Sarmiento - Andrés Juez Sarmiento

Andrés Judge Sarmiento
Personal information
Birth February 4 , 1808 View and modify data on Wikidata
Madrid (Spain)
Death May 11 , 1871 View and modify data on Wikidata(63 years old)
Madrid (Spain)
nationality Spanish
Professional information
Occupation Jurist , magistrate and painter View and modify data on Wikidata

Andrés Juez Sarmiento (f. 1871) was a Spanish jurist and painter.


Born in Madrid , he was a disciple of the San Fernando Academy classes , and his supernumerary individual of merit from July 5, 1835. [ 1 ] In different annual exhibitions of said Academy he presented several portraits, and in the Nationals of 1856 and 1858, Cain with Abel's corpse at his feet , Birds , Chameleon and fountain in the garden of the Madrid palace and Two portraits . [ 1 ] Judge Sarmiento, who professionally devoted himself to law, became president of the court of the Majorca Court, died in his hometown on May 11, 1871. [ 2]


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