Andrés Moya López - Andrés Moya López

Andrés Moya López

Coat of arms of Cuenca.svg
Mayor of Cuenca

Coat of arms of Cuenca.svg
Mayor of Cuenca

Personal information
Birth February 13, 1933 (87 years)
Spanish flag Valencia
Death May 13, 2017
Spanish flag Cuenca
nationality Spanish
Politic party Union of Democratic Center (UCD)
Educated in University of Granada
Professional information
Occupation Gynecologist

Andrés Moya López ( Valencia , 13 of February of 1933 - Cuenca , 13 of maypole of 2017 [ 1 ] ) was mayor of Cuenca (1967-1974 and 1979-1983), and Senator Cuenca with Union of Democratic Center in the legislature constituent (1977-1979). [ 2 ]


He studied medicine at the University of Granada , specializing in Obstetrics and Gynecology. He was head of the first area of ​​Gynecology of the Social Security.

Political career

He began his political career, within the Unión de Centro Democrático, being elected President of the provincial Executive of the party. He has been the only mayor of Cuenca, who has held this position during the Franco regime (1967-1974) and the democracy (1979-1983). He was a Procurator in Cortes representing the municipalities (1967-1971), and a Senator for Cuenca with the Unión de Centro Democrático in the constituent legislature (1977-1979), being a member of the National Defense Commissions; and research on the child's situation.


  • President of the Fight Against Cancer (1974)
  • Vice President of the Official College of Physicians of Cuenca (1975).


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