Andrés Navarro (poet) - Andrés Navarro (poeta)

Andres Navarro
Personal information
Birth 1973
Valencia, SpainFlag of Spain.svg Spain
nationality Spanish
Educated in polytechnic university of Valencia View and modify data on Wikidata
Professional information
Occupation Poet
Gender Poetry

Andrés Navarro ( Valencia , 1973) is a Spanish poet in the Spanish language . He has a degree in Architecture . He has lived in the Student Residence with a grant for artistic creation. He has co-directed, together with the poet Rafael Espejo , the poetry and music festival We have the word . His work appears in various anthologies of recent poetry .

Poetic work


  • The fever , Valencia, Pre-Texts, 2005 ( Emilio Prados Poetry Prize ).
  • A panoramic guest , Barcelona, ​​DVD Ediciones, 2010 (City of Burgos Poetry Award ).
  • Canino , Valencia, Pre-Texts, 2018.


Inclusion in collective volumes

  • La Casa del Poeta, La Noche Polar Collection, La Bolsa de Pipas Editorial, 2007.
  • Where does Spanish poetry walk? International Letter Magazine. Number 98. Spring 2008. Pablo Iglesias Foundation, ISSN 0213-4721
  • Uninhabited, Juan Carlos Abril . Yellow Maillot Collection, Diputación de Granada, 2008.
  • Spanish poetry of the XXI century. Monteagudo Magazine. Number 13. Editum: Editions of the University of Murcia , 2008.
  • Boris Vian. I would not like to touch it. Editorial Demipage, 2009.
  • Intelligence and the ax (a panorama of the poetic generation of 2000), Luis Antonio de Villena . Book Viewer, 2010.
  • Bad Times for Epic, Last Spanish Poetry (2001-2012) , Luis Bagué Quílez and Alberto Santamaría. Book Viewer, 2013.
  • Monographic Spanish poetry at the dawn of the XXI century , ed. Itzíar López Guil and Juan Carlos Abril , Versants , nº 64: 3, 2017.
  • What if you write a haiku? , Josep M. Rodríguez. La garúa, 2019.
  • Light due to you. Homage book to Antonio Cabrera , ed. Ramón Pérez Montero , Valencia, Pre-Texts, 2019.
  • Talk about poetry. Reflections for the XXI century , ed. Luis García Montero and Juan Carlos Abril , Málaga, Generación del 27 Cultural Center, 2019.

Graphic work

  • Poster of the film Arraianos , Eloy Enciso Cachafeiro, 2012.
  • Poster for the film Hotel Nueva Isla , Irene Gutiérrez, 2014.
  • Poster for the movie The Money Complex (Der Geldkomplex) , Spanish edition, Juan Rodrigáñez, 2015.
  • Poster for the movie The Money Complex (Der Geldkomplex) , international edition, Juan Rodrigáñez, 2015.
  • Poster for the movie Human Rights , Juan Rodrigáñez, 2018.
  • Poster for the film Long Night , Eloy Enciso Cachafeiro, 2019.

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