Andrés Pastorino and Rivera - Andrés Pastorino y Rivera

Andrés Pastorino y Rivera (1856-1904) was a Spanish painter.


He was born in 1856. [ 1 ] Painter disciple of the School of Fine Arts of Cádiz , in whose upper classes he obtained numerous awards in the academic courses from 1876 to 1879, he was also awarded for his painting The Battle of Salado in the contest opened by the Cádiz City Council on the occasion of the royal betrothal. In 1879 he also attended the Exhibition held in that city with four Landscapes , One Marine , two Heads , Some Masks and A Costume Ball , obtaining a bronze medal. They were also the work of Pastorino For a bachelor ,D. Juan de Austria visiting Cervántes wounded in Lepanto , He took off his mask , Portrait of King Alfonso for the Spanish embassy in Paris and many individuals. [ 2 ] He died in 1904. [ 1 ]


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