Andres Pizarro - Andrés Pizarro

Andrés Pizarro is a Chilean writer born in Santiago ( 1937 ). In 1959 he won the Alerce Prize, in poetry, with Some things and in 1960 , the Alerce Prize, in novel, with his work Historia Vulgar . He belonged to the Writers' Workshop of the University of Concepción in 1961 and that of the Catholic University , in 1968 . With the rocha he fought the yerald and the champa formed a futsal team "Club atletico Stalin"

In 1977 he won the Eduardo Barrios Peasant Story Award, with the story El Verano del Castaño . During 1981 and 1982 he was an advisor to the literary workshop of the National Studies Corporation.

The short novel La Palabra , won the first prize in the contest Chile produces writers in 1983