Andres Torrejon - Andrés Torrejón

Andrés Diego Torrejón García ( Móstoles , 1736 - 1812 ) was ordinary mayor for the Noble State of the town of Móstoles , who on May 2, 1808, together with Simón Hernández -the ordinary mayor for the General State-, signed the name known for Bando de Independencia , written by Juan Pérez Villamil , which warned about the massacre committed in Madrid by the Napoleonic troops and called for the help of the capital by other authorities, inciting the authorities and natives to arm themselves against the French invaders. He died in Móstoles in 1812 , along with 190 other people because of hunger.

The text of the quoted side is as follows:

Justices of the towns to whom this office will be presented, from me the ordinary mayor of the town of Mostoles.
It is well known that the French stationed in the vicinity of Madrid, and within the Court, have taken offense against this capital town and the Spanish troops; so much blood is running in Madrid at this time. We are Spanish and it is necessary that we die for the king and for the country, arming ourselves against some profligate that, in the color of friendship and alliance, want to impose a heavy yoke on us, after having seized the august person of the king. Proceed your mercies, then, to take the most active measures to punish such perfidy, going to the aid of Madrid and other peoples, and enlisting us, because there is no force that prevails against those who are loyal and brave, as the Spaniards are.

God save your prays for years.

Mostoles, May 2, one thousand eight hundred and eight .
Andres Torrejon
Simon Hernandez

He was taken prisoner, together with his official colleague Simón Hernández , to appear before General Joaquín Murat for having signed that band of seditious content. Although they were sentenced to capital punishment, they escaped by paying a bail of more than 30,000 reais and disregarding the responsibility of said party, stating that it was made to sign by an unknown man, who appeared with a troop in Móstoles on the afternoon of May 2 .

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