Andrés Weintraub Pohorille - Andrés Weintraub Pohorille

Andrés Weintraub Pohorille
Personal information
Full name Felix Andrés Weintraub Pohorille
Birth December 11, 1942
Santiago , Chile
nationality Chilean
Education Electrical Civil Engineer, Master in Statistics, Doctorate in Operations Research
Educated in University of Chile
Professional information
Occupation Academic, Researcher

2000 Harold Lander Memorial Prize of the Canadian Operations Research Society Edelman Prize Competition 1998

National Prize of Applied Sciences , year 2000

Félix Andrés Weintraub Pohorille ( Santiago de Chile , November to December of 1942 ) is an engineer , academic and Chilean researcher, known for being the recipient of the National Prize of Applied Sciences in 2000 for his contributions to the forest area of the country with its mathematical methods. [ 1 ] He currently works as a professor at the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences of the University of Chile , as well as one of the leaders of Azul Azul SA , the company that owns the Club Universidad de Chile .

Biographical review

He studied Electrical Civil Engineering at the University of Chile , graduating in 1967. Later, he moved to the United States where he obtained a Master's Degree in Statistics at the University of California at Berkeley and in 1971, a Doctorate in Operational Research in Industrial Engineering, in the same campus.

Very integrated to the Jewish community he worked in the Vaad Hajinuj - Directory of the Hebrew Institute for years as treasurer and vice president and his mother in the wizo environment. Andrés was born in Santiago in the year 42, the basic and secondary he carried out at the Hebrew Institute. During his time as an adolescent, he attended the Jewish youth movements in parallel to the school and during the university period, a group participated in the CUJ Jewish student center to socialize among the Jewish youth in Chile. He married in '67, they have a pair of twins, one is an engineer and works in Stanford at business school and his sociologist daughter works as a sociology consultant.. During his professional development, he always participated in the Jewish community in Chile as well as on the board of the Bnei Israel community and the board of the Hebrew Institute. Starting in 1974, he joined the University of Chile as an academic and researcher . [ 2 ] His research has led him to obtain important distinctions worldwide. One of the sectors most committed to the cause of the national award has been forestry. In fact, it was thanks to a series of projects developed since 1989 with the four main forestry companies in Chile, which resulted in the applicationscomputational Asicam (optimization of the use of trucks by centralizing information and decisions regarding the transport of wood), Opticort (obtaining the most profitable product from each forest through a model that optimizes the relationship between product demand and existing standing trees) , Planex (graphic system that integrates information on land, existing roads and soil quality to plan the location of machinery and access roads), Optimed (tactical planning that allows balancing the supply with the demand expected by the company in the medium term) and Medfor (a strategic model that allows evaluating the long-term impact of silvicultural policies), which the academic and his work group won the aforementioned Edelman Prize in 1998 [ 3] And in 2000 the "Harold Larnder Memorial Prize", from Canada. He also received in 2000 the National Award for Applied and Technological Sciences for his outstanding work in the creation and development of mathematical models that improve productivity in areas vital to the country's economy such as forestry and mining, creating an essential link between mathematics and industrial engineering. In 2012 he was recognized by the Instituto de Ingenieros de Chile (gold medal). In 2013 he was named Doctor Honoris Causa from the University of SLU, Sweden.

At present, he is President of the International Federation of Operational Research Societies, IFORS, member of the Chilean Academy of Sciences , member of the Editorial Committee of the academic journal International Transactions in Operations Research and member of the International Advisory Committee of "Operations Research ", from England. [ 4 ]

He is the author of numerous international publications ( 90 of them are indexed on the Web of Science platform ) and he has also served as an advisor to foreign organizations and in project development for Entel , CORFO , Codelco , CONAF and CONICYT . [ 5 ]


  • National Prize for Applied Sciences (2000)
  • Edelman Award (1998)
  • Gold Medal from the Chilean Institute of Engineering (2012)
  • Harold Lander Memorial Prize (2000)
  • Distinction Award for Activities by the Chilean Institute of Engineers (2004)


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